Philadelphia Travel Video Where to Eat, Stay + Play

There are sooo many awesome places in Philadelphia! I put together a must-try list of my favorite places to stay, play, and eat in Philadelphia. The newly opened AKA University City overlooks the entire city! You can book a session to feed giraffes (and other animals) at the Philadelphia zoo. Bar Bombon Esquina Popular makes 100% plant based dishes and the most delicious Spanish meatballs (remember it’s plant based! So no actual meat!!). Longwood Gardens has over 1,077 acres of gardens, woodlands and meadows. The gardens are stunning! You can also run up the Philadelphia Museum of Art steps like Rocky Balboa and get a workout in! *Cue me running up the PMA Stairs like Rocky*


AKA University City:

Philadelphia Zoo:

Bar Bombon:

Longwood Gardens:

Tredici Enoteca:

Philadelphia Museum of Art:

The Jacket.

Sweater: from Sanya | Jacket: from Silk Market in Beijing | Jeans: Cheap Monday | Shoes: Cat

When I was in China I picked up this reversible jacket and houndstooth sweater. The jacket is from the Silk Market in Beijing and I got the sweater from a quaint men’s boutique in Sanya. The slight cream color helped soften the contrast with the blue, black and red. I kept the rest of this look simple with dark jeans and oxblood shoes.

I’m looking forward to spring and wearing some of my new versatile jackets. It’s been so cold lately all I’ve been wearing outside are big, heavy coats. AHHH. SNOWver the snow. What are you looking forward to the most this spring?

Photography: Marcus Derricotté

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The Great Wall

What can I say… going to the Great Wall of China has been on my bucket list for quite some time. The morning of our trip a driver picked us up from Jinsong and we headed North to the Great Wall. After an hour or so we arrived to tour the wall! Normally a very crowded  section, David (the driver/tour guide) said it wouldn’t be crowded since it’s winter. YAY! BURRR! Riding to the wall was really cool because we got to see the outskirts of Beijing. There were intimate villages and this HUGE fruit statue. We drove past that statue fast – wish we stopped to snap some pics. Once at the Great Wall we took a ski lift to the top. Mollie and I were a little freaked out (not the best with open heights), but we managed! It was so beautiful looking at the mountains from such a historic structure. My feet are dangling in one of the photos above . Can you see them? :) We walked about and hiked up stairs for an hour or so and then it was time to toboggan! Yes, toboggan. To get down the mountain there is a metal toboggan slide path. I decided to go first and am glad I did because Mollie’s sweater got stuck… and then George had to help her get unstuck while going down the mountain! They were fine and we all made it down safely. We finished by enjoying a supreme pizza at one of the local food spots.

To stay warm and comfortable I wore Krammer& Stoudt’s Belmondo travel suit. It’s so soft and luxurious, I unashamedly wore it multiple times later in the trip… I accessorized with a beanie, scarf and socks from American Trench and packed some extra goodies (another small jacket, chapstick, a camera etc) in the Cote & Ciel backpack.

Since we had a pretty tight schedule (after this we went to a tea ceremony and then the Summer Palace only to wake up the next morning and fly to Sanya!), my Seiko Astron GPS Solar watch came in handy! It’s powered by all kinds of light so I didn’t have to worry about it running out of power. With the gorgeous blue skys there was tons of natural light to keep it going. Thank you Beijing for not being smoggy during our travels!

Suit: Krammer & Stoudt | Sweater: DKNY | Shoes: Tsubo | Jacket: Andrew Marc

Backpack: Cote & Ciel | Beanie, Scarf and Socks: American Trench | Sunglasses: Prada (both)

Next up: Dr. Tea tea ceremony!

Photography: George Evan

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Travel, Travel

WOW. WOW. WOW. What a year 2015 has been so far! I just got back from China this week. The trip was amazing. I was hoping to update my site while there, but the trip was so packed full of projects, photo shoots and fun that I didn’t have time! Currently going through photos and will start posting images from the trip next week! These are a few snaps from an event I hosted in Philadelphia back in September. The concept for the shoot was about a traveler who stays at luxe hotels and packs comfortable, yet stylish looks for his travels. Fitting for the series of posts I’m about to share from my China travels! Looking forward to a fantastic 2015. As always I’d love to know more about you. Feel free to comment with your thoughts below. Have a great weekend!!

Photography: Haley Cairo

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