City Hall City Stroll

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Shirt: Saturday’s | Pants: G Star Raw | Shoes: K-Swiss |
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban | Headphones: Skull Candy | Watch: Todd Snyder x Timex

Not that it’s new, but I have an obsession with blue. Whether that Cobalt suit from NOLA or these marine Ray-Bans… I can’t get enough. Shades of blue pair easily together while leaving room for a POP. I paired this look with sneakers from K-Swiss 50th anniversary collection. Digging the blue leather accent on the back – isn’t that a nice touch?! When I wore this outfit I buttoned up the shirt for brunch and let it loose afterwards while strolling by City Hall. Note that the headphones are wireless. Waaaayyy better than loose cords flopping around… thanks, Skull Candy!

Photography: Briana Louise
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Black Leather

 Tee: Target | Shorts: Katin | Sandals: Ahnu | Backpack: Herschel | Sunglasses: Carrera | Watch: Timex

Even though it’s summer, I’m still about black leather. Not sure why I’ve been fond of the material since I was young, but I continue to wear it all seasons. This Herschel backpack is my new favorite bag because it has comfortable shoulder straps and a slot for my laptop. I matched the bag with black leather sandals and a black tee. Since it is summer I added a bit of color with the green shorts (green is my favorite color in case you didn’t know ;D). What do you think? Do you wear leather? Even in the summer?

Photography: Briana Louise

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Happy Blue

Briana and I decided blue is one of my best colors. As of late our recent outfit shoots have all included blue! But it’s not a moody blue… the hue is peaceful and reminds me of the beach (or pool) in the summer. So why not wear it and constantly be reminded to relax and think of bathing in the sun?! The tank top is Technical Cashmere from Kit and Ace and VERY comfortable. I got the tank top during a visit to Kit and Ace’s coming soon store in Fishtown, Philadelphia. My look is completed with awesome sunglasses from ic! berlin. DITTO offers Endless Eyewear aka pay a monthly rate and swap our sunglasses or prescription eyewear as often as you’d like. Complementary first month with this link!

Tank: Kit and Ace | Underneath tank: Target | Shorts: Katin | Shoes: ohw?
Sunglasses: ic! berlin via DITTO | Hat: Target | Watch: Timex

Photography: Briana Louise

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