SXSW | TEVA Artist Series

In March I went to Austin, Texas to see some of the cool activations happening at SXSW. Knowing I would be walking around a lot, I took a pair of Teva’s new Artist Series sandals with me! It was very fitting for the trip as Leah Duncan, designer of this particular pair, is also based in Austin! Aside from being very comfortable, I love that Teva is giving 10% of each Artist Series sale to kids’ art education programs supported by P.S. ARTS. As a child, art class was one of my favorite times of the day and I often still take time to stop, pull out a notebook and doodle/color for stress relief. Instilling the value of creative thinking in today’s youth is important so kudos to Teva for supporting P.S. ARTS mission while also creating some uber comfy and stylish footwear. At least 5 people stopped me around Austin and said, “I love your Teva sandals!

This post is in collaboration with TEVA.

Like A Forest


One of my favorite parts about exploring a city is discovering art. Planned sculptures, pop-up gardens and painted walls – there are many cheerful sights often tucked away amongst a chaotic city. Briana and I found this wall on our way to Sancho Pistola’s for some grilled corn and pickled watermelon margaritas (highly recommend those…).  We were both like “WOOH! That will look great with the Teva x National Forest sandals.” What do you think? The patterns complimented the multicolor wall like modern day camouflage, in a forest.

Shirt: ASOS | Pants: Zara | Sandals: Teva | Sunglasses: Original Penguin | Watch: Timex

Photography: Briana Louise

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