Bobbie Thomas

This week Bobbie Thomas, Style Editor for the Today Show, stopped by Skai Blue Show to chat about her new book “The Power of Style.” It was fun hearing her talk about style, how it should empower you, and why fashion insiders cannot obsess over unattainable standards. She signed in my copy of her book, “I hope ‘The Power of Style’ inspires you to be more you.” Great motto to focus on personal happiness instead of aspiring to please others with your appearance. I am excited to read her book and then pass it on for my mom and girl friends to read.

Nicole Haddad, founder/designer of Lobo Mau, was excited to see Bobbie in one of her designs. Here is a picture of Nicole and Bobbie. They are twinning in the same print!
Screen shot 2013-06-20 at 12.37.11 PM
Kristin Detterline of Philadelphia Style Magazine, Bobbie Thomas & Rakia Reynolds of Skai Blue Media
I’ve been drinking resource Natural Spring Water since the event. They are supporting Bobbie’s book tour and supplied guests with electrolyte water.
Hope everyone has a great day! – IMC

A Day Styling in NYC

This past weekend I was invited by Skai Blue Show to assist with styling a photo shoot. I was familiar with most of the clothes and excited when I found out my friend Kristen was modeling! We were on a time crunch and had to style fast, but the images turned out well! Here are my behind the scenes shots..IMG_0702



Before the photographer was set up


Model Kristen Sokac – @KristenMagnolia


Make-up artist @MimiRizkalla changing Kristen’s lips






Another new lip color!


In action


Combining marina makaron moscow, Lobo Mau, and Cayetano Legacy Collection. Love this look!


High-waisted goddess


In action


A Lele dress and Lobo Mau necklace


Suni Silvan, the photographer, at work


My friend @BrandonGThomp was there to help!

Styling by myself, @IanMCrumm, and @MichelleConron!!

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