Purple on Purple

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Shirt: Asos – Pants: H&M – Sandals: Kenneth Cole – Hat: Banana Republic

Photo Shoot Saturday

Today I have a photo shoot with my friend Suni Silvan. I thought I would upload some more images from a previous shoot that I have not posted yet. Looking forward to sharing new images the coming week along with some new spring trends! Hope you have a great weekend!

& don’t forget you can enter everyday for the RAGS & Thread t-shirt contest!

Suni Silvan

Suni Silvan

Suni Silvan

Suni Silvan

Shirt: Lobo Mau

Until tomorrow, IMC

Jean Paul Gaultier Spring 2013 Couture

jean-paul-gaultier-couture-spring-2013-06_133553794585 jean-paul-gaultier-couture-spring-2013-07_133553746258 jean-paul-gaultier-couture-spring-2013-11_133557155783 jean-paul-gaultier-couture-spring-2013-13_133558583321 jean-paul-gaultier-couture-spring-2013-14_133559460283 jean-paul-gaultier-couture-spring-2013-17_133601394589 jean-paul-gaultier-couture-spring-2013-19_133602558683 jean-paul-gaultier-couture-spring-2013-26_133607409981 jean-paul-gaultier-couture-spring-2013-27_133608598514 jean-paul-gaultier-couture-spring-2013-32_133612551677 jean-paul-gaultier-couture-spring-2013-35_133614819929 jean-paul-gaultier-couture-spring-2013-45_13362183804

Miharayasuhiro Fall 2013 Menswear



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YVL_3798.450x675 YVL_3844.450x675

YVL_3876.450x675 YVL_3902.450x675

YVL_3947.450x675 YVL_3960.450x675



Valentino or Burberry: Battle of the Trenches

Spring campaigns are everywhere. Valentino and Burberry ads feature strong trench coats. Studs vs. metallic. Who wins?


Screen shot 2013-01-05 at 4.24.53 PM


Screen shot 2013-01-05 at 4.28.07 PM

Would you wear either of these trends?