The warm weather is starting to get to me. With all of the new fall styles hitting stores (I just got an amazing leather cardigan yesterday) it’s hard not to want to layer up. Lauren and I were roaming Fairmount and I realized I’m picketing summer. Normally I’m all about shorts, but this summer I’m wearing pants more than ever. These blue and white herringbone trousers are very comfortable and surprisingly breathable. The orange shirt is lightweight (thank goodness) and I cuffed the sleeves for added cool. Top those pieces off with white leather shoes and belt, patterned socks and silver sunnies and bracelet – I’m all set!

Are you a big shorts person or all about pants?

Photography: Lauren Sauder

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Rodin at Night



Shirt: Gap – Pants: Express – Sweater: 21Men – Vest: Andrew Mark – Jacket: Perry Ellis

Shoes: Aston Grey – Hat: Gap – Scarf: TJ Maxx – Gloves: H&M

Thanks for the picture, HughE!

I should have put on more layers.


On My Radar: February Purchases

I’ve been searching for some wardrobe additions this week. Here are my favorite finds..


Hat Publish


Shirt 611 Lifestyle


Pants CREEP By Hiroshi


Bag Ecoalf


Shoes Antoine + Stanley

What do you think I should buy?