Beach Necessities, Sanya, China


My necessities: NUXE lip balm | Prada sunnies | OSiS+ hair paste | Gucci watch | mojito | comb

Mollie’s necessities part 1: Prada sunnies | Fiji Film camera

Mollie’s necessities part 2: NUXE dry oil | JUMA scarf | Ray-Ban sunnies

George’s necessities: Kiehl’s fragrance & lip balm | Gotti sunnies | Schon DSGN pen & notebook | Stereographic camera | comb

And we’re back to the beach! All of this cold weather is making me want to travel even more and to someplace warm! When George, Mollie and I were in Sanya we snapped some of our beach necessities. One of my favorite grooming products lately is the NUXE lip balm. So many other lip products seem to only last an hour or so, but with NUXE my lips feel soft, hydrated and not shiny (big plus) for hours.

Since we stayed at the Renaissance Sanya Resort & Spa, we had beach side service. Not shown here are George and Mollie’s drinks, however I did enjoy that delicious mojito! Mollie loved using the NUXE dry oil to stay hydrated on the sand while George used his stereographic camera to capture moments on the sealine and Schon DSGN pen to note them as well.

The evening before we shot these we went to a market street in the main downtown area in Sanya on Hainan island where we found awesome wood combs. I can’t wait to share more adventures from China soon! As always – thanks for reading!

Photography: George Evan

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QUICK, grab that product!

Over the past few months I’ve been using OSiS+ products on my hair (thanks, Schwarzkopf-Professional!). They’re all great, but I especially like the number 4 Play Texture Molding Paste. The product is light weight, smooth, and it tames my thick locks. It can be applied on dried hair when I want a curly look or on flat ironed hair when I want a more suave appearance. Gotta grab the whole product line while I still can!

Photography: Kris McElligott

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Some Call It Suave

What kind of haircare products do you use? OSiS+ by Schwarzkopf Professional sent me the best hairspray a bit ago and I CANNOT stop using it. My day-to-day styling changes, but as for products I’m hooked on OSiS+! Both the light and strong hold sprays are great for my thick hair and help me manage a crazy poof in the morning. What kind of hair products do you use?

Photography: Tommi Studio

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KILL Routine: Aqua Touch Pomade



Wanting a light-weight hair pomade that smells like the ocean and makes your look beach perfect? Osis+ by Schwarzkopf Professional sent me the coolest hair products. The brand’s moto? Kill Routine! Switch up your traditional look with this new line of pleasantly scented hair goodies. Softer and wind-ready hair compared to some other pomades on the market. I am still trying new styles with this pomade, but can’t wait to experiment with the rest of the line!


Natural Texture ready


Matt Texture ready


Shine Texture ready

What hair products are you using this season?

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