Kempt | Flexwax

There it is. That beautiful hair wax.

A dime size or so… ;)

Start spreading product in the back of your hair. This allows the majority of the wax to go where the majority of hair (for the majority of people) is and avoids clumpy bangs.

Just adjusting hairs here and there.


Kempt and such thanks to OSiS+ and the new Flexwax formula. I like this formula because it holds my thick and unruly hair in place and at the same time stays soft. It’s not like other waxes/pastes that clump up and kill volume. Feel like putting the windows down and achieving the “wind blown” look? Go for it! Flexwax pushes hairs right back into place with a quick swipe of the hand. Bravo!

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Photography: Christopher Fascenelli

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Kempt | Cologne

Every man (and woman) needs a great scent. The summer was filled with citrus smells via Lacoste Essential. In honor of National Fragrance Day, Philadelphia Style asked me what scent I’d be wearing for spring/summer. Lacosta Essential is great because it Time Release Technology to keep you smelling fresh even while being active (aka sweating). But since we’re approaching fall it’s time to switch up my scents. Prada’s Pour Homme is amazing. I used it for my fall scent before and cannot wait to start wearing it again. The sensual amber base is surrounded by woodsy and earthy tones. A light yet strong scent as we transition into fall.

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Kempt | Eyebrows

What makes a brow? The color? The shape? The cut? All of the preceding. The other week I went and got my eyebrows groomed. For years I’ve tamed them myself, but decided to let someone else take a pluck at the bushy guys. A slight dark brown tint job and a hair less here and there, then I was out the door. The result? Darker brows that enhance my facial structure. I posted an outline of the tinting process on Racked – in case you’d like the dirty details. Key takeaway: the salon services men on the regular and now my eyebrows compliment the color of my facial hair. Booyah!

Photography: Christopher Fascenelli

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