The New City of Lights

Right now I’m in Chicago and had a few moments of downtime before heading out to dinner and realized I never posted some photos from China! This look was shot in Chaoyangmen, Beijing before getting hot pot for dinner. The archway worked well since the shirt is two layers and almost looks holographic in person! Everyone says New York is the “City of Lights,” however Beijing is The New City of Lights. THERE. ARE. LIGHTS. EVERYWHERE.

Shirt: Peacebird | Pants: Trendiano | Shoes: Paul Drish | Gloves: Men In Cities | fur scarf

Photography: George Evan

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Random person’s porch.


Sweater: Ralph Lauren | Pants: Dockers | Trench: A.P.C. | Sunnies: c/o/ Götti Switzerland | Gloves: c/o Men In Cities

What do you think of the facial hair? Since this shoot I’ve trimmed it down a bit. Some people were saying I looked too old for my age and that I should embrace my young skin. MMMM idk. Anyways I love this vintage A.P.C. trench I got on consignment. The citron lining is the best.

Photography: Chris Fascenelli

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Spring Green.

Shirt: Gap | Tie: c/o/ Men In Cities | Vest: Ben Sherman | Jacket: Gap | Pants: Levi’s | Sunnies: Urban Outfitters | Gloves: Banana Republic | Socks: Cole Haan | Shoes: c/o/ Ahnu

Now that spring is FINALLY HERE… I’m wearing a lot of colored pants. The weather is still mostly cold, but every now and then there is a nice sunny day. Chris and I snuck onto a roof to celebrate the new season. I particularly liked hanging off of the ladder where he captured my camo socks. If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen this Men In Cities tie. The Jasper accessory has been a staple in my wardrobe since I picked it up during fashion week. Thanks to the guys at Men In Cities! I love it.

Photography: Chris Fascenelli

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On the Streets in SoHo.

Sweater: Perry Ellis | Jacket: Jachs | Pants: Simon Spurr | Sunnies: BCBG | Gloves: c/o Men In Cities | Scarf: Old Navy | Shoes: Dr. Martens

Here’s a look from last week during NYFW. Suni and I had just finished breakfast at Isola SoHo when we decided to get some shots in the streets. I just got these Men In Cities warrior gloves. AREN’T THEY AWESOME?! Yeah, I know. They’re great. People keep asking me if they really keep my hands warm… surprisingly they do. Lately I’ve been wearing fingerless gloves for easy texting. These aren’t much different.

Photo: Suni Silvan

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