Snowy Night.

Painted windows at Milk + Honey

Lights in Rittenhouse Park

(photo of me by HughE)

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Warehouse Style

T-shirt: 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target

Pants: Gap

Belt: Abercrombie

Socks: c/o/ American Trench

Shoes: c/o/ Tsubo

Sunnies: Urban Outfitters

Sometimes I stop and have photo shoots in random warehouses with neon green fork lifts. I also sometimes wear 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target t-shirts with orange Tsubo shoes at those warehouse style shoots. My friend Emily was chatting how she really enjoys the orange on orange foot attire in this look (I sent her a teaser image last night). Do you like the orange on orange look? Wow I just said orange five times.. okay, six.

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Photography: Kris McElligott

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Style Wars

Last night I went to the 5th annual Style Wars to benefit the Adopt A Pig Foundation. It was at the Ritz Carlton in Philadelphia. Stylists competed to see who could create the craziest hair style. Here’s what I wore..

Shirt: Banana Republic

Vest: Ben Sherman

Pants: Topman

Shoes: Aston Grey

Scarf: Giorgio Armani

 Bowtie: Stafford

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Thanks for taking my picture, HughE!

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A Royal Experience – Waldorf Astoria Style

 In high school my family decided to celebrate a series of awards I won by taking a trip to NYC. My grandma and uncle booked a room at The Waldorf Astoria and bought tickets to see Wicked. Upon arriving at the hotel to check-in, we were kindly informed that an upgrade was available. About five minutes went by before the concierge escorted us to the elevator. When we arrived on the forty-second floor we passed The Presidential Suite and made our way to another door down the hall. A gold plaque with lions and a crown was mounted outside of our upgraded room. The concierge opened the door into what appeared to be our suite. Amazing marble marked the floors. Gold accents everywhere. It seemed as if the room was intended for a king or queen. Well, it actually was! Turns out we were only looking at the foyer. We entered the door, to the left was a massive living room and to the right was a hallway that lead to the master bedroom. We entered The Royal Suite (old home of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor)! The concierge continued through the foyer into the living room, which connected to the dining room and a butler’s pantry. We made our way to the other side of the foyer; a half bath was located across from the master bedroom that had a walk-in closet, master bathroom and some interesting home accessories. There was another bedroom that was closed off. We were asked if we had any questions and then the concierge left. Calm and collected during the tour, my grandmother started bursting out laughing. What was happening to us? Were we on some new reality show that documents reactions of hotel guests? Did the hotel think we were celebrities? We did not (and still do not) know.


The day proceeded with a shopping trip (my grandma bought me a leather coat with fur accents), a dinner at the hotel restaurant and most notably some show-and-tell. A cousin who lives in New York City went to dinner with us and we had to tell him about our upgrade. He came to our place (well, our place for the night) to see the view and the amazing furniture. Some point after dinner and in between jumping on the bed it truly dawned on me what was happening. Upgraded to The Royal Suite? My phone rang. It was mom. She was returning my call from earlier in the day when I wanted to dish on the new weekend digs. In my excitement I demanded she drive to New York to see the suite while we still had access. “Mom the Duke and Duchess of Windsor used to stay here… you have to come check out the suite!” She decided NOT to drive to NYC, but told us to live in the moment. The following day the trip continued with our planned Wicked show along with a nice lunch. It was a causal experience with no upgrades. ;)


We left the city shocked, humbled and still inquisitive of our stay in The Royal Suite. During our stay we did see objects that sparked our thoughts and curiosity. An egg was displayed in the case in the foyer; my uncle joked it was Fabergé. A pillow with a dog embroidered on it sat in the master bedroom; my grandma joked it had to be the queen’s pooch. I thought, “what celebrities have stayed in what appears to be an insanely expensive suite?” Well once arriving home later that weekend my uncle did some research. Supposedly The Royal Suite is one of Britney Spears’ favorite places to stay. The egg, yeah, it was Fabergé. The pillow, yeah, that was supposedly the Duchess of Windsor’s pup.

Why think of this experience? It’s a reminder to appreciate what you have. I think back to this trip for motivation. As I check off career goals it’s easy to lose focus on what I have accomplished thus far. New opportunities leave old milestones in the dark sometimes, but the out of this world experience at The Waldorf Astoria reminds me to live every second.

Present-day photography: Kris McElligott

KILL Routine: Aqua Touch Pomade



Wanting a light-weight hair pomade that smells like the ocean and makes your look beach perfect? Osis+ by Schwarzkopf Professional sent me the coolest hair products. The brand’s moto? Kill Routine! Switch up your traditional look with this new line of pleasantly scented hair goodies. Softer and wind-ready hair compared to some other pomades on the market. I am still trying new styles with this pomade, but can’t wait to experiment with the rest of the line!


Natural Texture ready


Matt Texture ready


Shine Texture ready

What hair products are you using this season?

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