Suited Up with Sports Cars

Last summer Briana and I shot this images for a menswear guide that ended up being postponed and reworked. Since my look has changed, my hair is longer and these are some gorgeous photos (thanks, Briana!) I decided to post instead of hold for the guide. Here are some of my favorite suits shot with sports cars in New York and Philadelphia.

Wearing a Calvin Klein suit standing by a vintage Mercedes in Hamptons.

Wearing a navy camo JUMA suit standing by a Camero near the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Wearing a Krammer & Stoudt suit sitting inside a white BMW in Hamptons.


Photography: Briana Louise
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Go with the Blue Suit

Suit: Indochino | Shirt: Krammer & Stoudt

When someone is shopping for his first suit I always recommend buying blue. Blue is versatile. More casual than black, the blue suit mixes mixes well with other pieces. Often I will wear the jacket with a pair of dark denim or the pants with just a turtleneck. This double breasted vest goes well with many pants in my wardrobe. Aside from being able to mix and match blue suit pieces so easily, the blue suit can be worn to work and out at night. Often a black suit looks intense in the day unless it’s being broken up with prints and worn during a wintry white day. This suit is from Indochino’s Indotech collection, which means it’s WRINKLE RESISTANT! Yes, you heard me correct. I took this with me to Europe in September for a friend’s wedding. It got pushed around my suitcase for two weeks until the last day of the trip. I thought for sure when I opened the garment bag I would have tons of steaming, but with the Indotech’s innovative fabric the wrinkles shook right out.

Photography: Briana Louise
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Wall Street Ready

Coat: Krammer & Stoudt

One of my favorite things about fall is layering outfits. During fashion week I stayed at the Andaz Wall Street hotel and decided to shoot this new Krammer & Stoudt coat in the lobby. The colors went well in the chic lobby. I paired the look with dark denim and black shoes that played well with the winged coat collar. Try laying a large coat like this one with a dress shirt and scarf or keep it lighter with a cotton shirt and rings. What are you looking forward to the most now that fall is here?

For travelers heading to NYC, I’ll be posting a review of Andaz on Wear We Went soon. 

Photography: Briana Louise

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Rooftop Pool // Summer Motto

Shirt and Swimsuit: Krammer & Stoudt | Shoes: Jay Butler | Watch: Analog Watch Co

You Become What You Water. 

As the unofficial end of summer approaches, this Monday marks a change of tide. Days are increasingly shorter and temperatures are dropping (at least I felt a cool breeze last evening) though the urge to hit the pool remains. I spent many summer days and nights out seeing friends, enjoying beer gardens and dining around town. I spent many other summer nights inside editing, emailing and planning projects. My summer motto — “You become what you water”  — helped me remember it’s important to play hard, but in order to keep playing hard there has to be a lot of hard work, too!

I recently took advantage of the easy summer vibes and hosted a pool party at Sonesta Philadelphia. It was my way of saying “Good work watering all those plants projects this summer, now go enjoy the sun.” Since it’s the unofficial last weekend of summer I’ll be kicking back relaxing, possibly hanging on a swim float again. Then I head back into my pool of intense fall projects. Just how I like it.

Happy Labor Day Weekend! Don’t labor too hard!

Photography: Briana Louise

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Tea Ceremony at Dr. Tea

Ahhh after a stimulating time at the Great Wall, George, Mollie and I went to Dr. Tea in Chinatown, Beijing for a tea ceremony. China likes to promote tea culture to foreigners and pays for the tea house to operate, which meant free tea for us! Our awesome tea expert took us through some of the teas they sell at Dr. Tea. We tasted jasmine tea, which is great for mornings or early afternoons. Olong tea is the most common tea in China – I bought some to bring home to my mom – and it was delicious! It leaves a slight earthy aftertaste. Yum. We also enjoyed a sweet tea made entirely of dried fruits and a few others.

To ensure purified and steeped to perfection, little “pee pee boys” pee when water is hot enough to make tea safely. The little figurines are cute… I’ll let you google that one.

Suit: Krammer & Stoudt | Sweater: DKNY | Scarf: American Trench | Sunglasses: Prada

Watch: Seiko Astron GPS Solar

Photography: George Evan

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