Before We Spring Forward

Tee: ASOS | Pants: Zara | Coat: Andrew Marc Shoes: Kenneth Cole | Sunglasses: Mont Blanc | Watch: Marco Mavilla

In the winter something about the cold keeps me dressed in a lot of black and neutral colors. With spring around the corner I’m playing with the light and making a graphic statement. I paired this lined t-shirt with my favorite winter coat to keep me warm, but the whole time I wore it I just wanted to throw the coat down and walk around in just the t-shirt! Toward the end of each season I start working in the next season’s styles. Whether that’s wearing fall layers at the first cool breeze in September or attempting to wear just a t-shirt at the beginning of March, the saying goes, “we always want what we don’t have.” If the current temperate means I get to wear this outfit, then I want exactly what I DO have. Cheers to spring temperatures ahead.


Photography: Briana Louise
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Weekend Durable

Turtleneck: Asos | Jacket: Kenneth Cole | Pants: Hugo Boss | Hat: Konus
Sunglasses: Opening Ceremony | Watch: Caravelle NY | Shoes: Cat

Something comes over me when the fall strikes and I tend to wear a lot more black. I’ve proclaimed my love of black leather before and think this look proves itself another love note to the forever stylish wardrobe staple, my leather jacket. I bought this beauty in 11th grade and have maintained it with loving care over the last seven years. It has held up well through countless rains, cold days and summers hanging in the closet. To compliment the badass nature of black leather I decided to pair this look with an equally as cool baseball cap (check the embroidered bird detailing!), some of the sickest Opening Ceremony sunglasses I have seen and my new 100% Bloomingdale’s Hugo Boss moto pants.

Do you have a favorite piece you’ve maintained over the years?

Photography: Briana Louise
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Blending In.

Shirt: Threads 4 Thought | Pants: Rustic Dime | Jacket: Kenneth Cole | Coat: French Connection | Beanie: Nudie | Scarf & Gloves: Banana Republic | Shoes: Ahnu | Sunglasses: Made Eyewear

I seriously didn’t try to match my outfit to the exterior of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Briana and I were going to shoot this look in a quaint alley, but then decided to switch locations and shoot at the PMA. Although camo is for blending in, that certainly wasn’t the intent with this look. I love how the Made Eyewear sunglasses pop with the emerald green lenses. Notice the pops of green in the architecture shots? Love how those hues coordinated.

With the icky weather my feet stayed dry in brown leather Ahnu shoes. The top of the shoes look like canvas, but it’s actually treated suede for more durability. Cool right?!

This look was perfect for gallivanting around town. Briana and I spent Sunday catching up from a hectic week, having coffee and discussing a new project I’ll be announcing within the next week! Until then – would you incorporate camo into your outfit? Favorite camo item? Bag? Shoes? Pants?

Photography: Briana Louise

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Your Move.

Obviously I’m talking about your move to decide what your newest dress shirt will look like! Thanks to Marcella Custom — I made all the moves. From selecting the fabric to choosing French cuffs to the buttons and even the collar shape, this shirt is all ME. I mentioned the company back in my holiday gift guide and am sharing the full editorial now. To go along with my “Your Move” when you go custom theme, I paired this look with chess piece cufflinks and some new boots. How would you design your new dress shirt?

Shirt: Marcella Custom | Pants: Timberland | Jacket: Kenneth Cole

Shoes: Timberland | Tie, cufflinks, tie bar: | Watch: CT Scuderia | Sunnies: Gotti

Photography: Kris Mae

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The Gold Treatment

AHHHHHHH. Is that what you’re thinking, too? I’m seriously shocked that the holidays are here. 2014 was a fantastic year and I’m looking forward to an even better 2015. To celebrate this fantastic year of projects and collaborations – that I hope you saw from various Instagram, Twitter and blog posts – George and I decided to shoot these yellow Levi pants amongst the fantastic gold scenery at The Palace. I paired the pants with a white french cuff shirt from Twillory, blue suede PF Flyers and a navy blazer. What was your favorite moment from 2014? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Photography: George Evan

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