Velvet Outfits and Accessories for Daytime + Nighttime

Styling velvet is all about confidence! Below I’m adding links to some of the products featured in this video as well as more velvet items I think are super cool! A few of the pieces seen are favorites from past years. Take a look at the similar options and create your own look! As always I’m here for guidance. Please comment with any style (or other) questions you may have! Do you currently own anything velvet? If so, what do you have?

Shot + Edited by OTBP


Video of Ian During Microneeding at Cross Medical Group

I keep hearing people talk about getting microneedling to improve skin texture and firmness so I decided to give it a try! Overall I love my skin and am fortunate that overall it is pretty cooperative. I decided to have this treatment to help with acne scars on my cheeks in hopes that I can go completely makeup-less in photoshoots. Also since I have been a little kid I have loved skincare so trying this treatment was a real treat and measure in skin maintenance. Big thanks to Ledia at Cross Medical Group for taking care of me and making sure I was comfortable during the treatment. This was my second treatment and I will be going back for two more treatments to see additional results. So far my skin is much firmer, pores appear smaller and the overall texture is smoothed.

Shot + Edited by OTBP

New Spring by COS x Studio Swine at Design Miami

This installation at Miami Art Week was the first activity we went to and is one of my favorites! “New Spring” was formed by Japanese architect Azusa Murakami and British artist, Alexander Groves. The piece won the award for Most Engaging Exhibition during Salone del Mobile in Milan. During Design Miami the piece was reimagined to a greater scale and featured in a bright, light filled environment! The bubbles were filled with fragrance, which made me want to keep popping them!!

CREATIVE TEAM Brian Sanchez, Lead Photographer + Miami Art Week Videography:

Men’s Hair Styling Video with Josh DeMarco | IAN TV

Part two in this mini video series with Josh DeMarco. Josh shares tips for maintaining a men’s fade and styling it! I go every 10-14 days for a fresh cut since the style is short and my hair grows fast it easily starts to loose it’s shape. I hope you learned some styling tips from Josh who will be coming onto my channel more soon!


Josh Demarco:

Jason Matthew Salon:


Mixing Neutral Plaids with Han Kjobenhavn

han_kjobenhavn_ian_michael_crumm han_kjobenhavn_ian_michael_crumm_2 han_kjobenhavn_ian_michael_crumm_4 han_kjobenhavn_ian_michael_crumm_3

The weather is so confusing on the east coast… one day it’s cold and the next it feels weird wearing a dress shirt and overcoat (and a thin overcoat at that!). This week I’m heading south for Miami Art Week with my friend Brian. SO HAPPY to be in warm weather and not worry about over layering for a week! So this weekend to get into the spirit I decided to mix these plaids together. I’ve had this Dolce & Gabbana shirt for almost two years now and I’ve repeatedly put it back into my closet without wearing it. A combination of feeling more comfortable in the shirt since I’ve been working out more mixed with the length of the shirt complimented by the long, slim overcoat finally convinced me to wear this shirt out! Another detail I love about this shirt if the knit collar which is kind of hard to see from these shots.

While both of these styles I previous purchases and have been re-purposing in my wardrobe this season there are tons of awesome looks from Han Kjobenhavn that I love right now. I’m including a few styles in the shopping scroll bar below!