Mixing Neutral Plaids with Han Kjobenhavn

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The weather is so confusing on the east coast… one day it’s cold and the next it feels weird wearing a dress shirt and overcoat (and a thin overcoat at that!). This week I’m heading south for Miami Art Week with my friend Brian. SO HAPPY to be in warm weather and not worry about over layering for a week! So this weekend to get into the spirit I decided to mix these plaids together. I’ve had this Dolce & Gabbana shirt for almost two years now and I’ve repeatedly put it back into my closet without wearing it. A combination of feeling more comfortable in the shirt since I’ve been working out more mixed with the length of the shirt complimented by the long, slim overcoat finally convinced me to wear this shirt out! Another detail I love about this shirt if the knit collar which is kind of hard to see from these shots.

While both of these styles I previous purchases and have been re-purposing in my wardrobe this season there are tons of awesome looks from Han Kjobenhavn that I love right now. I’m including a few styles in the shopping scroll bar below!


When will this snow ever end? As I sit here writing this post I’m in Buffalo visiting my friend Mollie and it’s SNOWING LIKE CRAZY. Okay, okay – I know I’m in Buffalo, but it is technically spring now and I want warm weather! Not asking for 70 degrees at this point, but weather suitable for this lightweight Han Kjobenhavn trench. I kept this look warm with the Ortiz Industry windbreaker (which I love for the metallic sheen). I was feeling adventurous (like normal ;D) during my shoot with Tim and decided to add silver sunglasses from Beijing and insert pennies into my loafers. He said I look like a futuristic Dr. Who. What do you think? Does this look channel the British Who?

Trench: HAN | Jacket: Ortiz Industry | Pants: Zara | Shoes: G.H. Bass | Sunnies: from Beijing

Photography: Timothy Stevens

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