& The Old Spice Winner is…

Congratulations to Jarred King of The Cufflink because he won the #SmellcometoManhood travel pack from my Old Spice giveaway! He’s the lucky winner of a stickered out suitcase of goodies including Old Spice Re-Fresh body sprays, Old Spice earbuds, an “Over the Top” DVD, Duct Tape (hello, doesn’t that SCREAM manhood?), an Art of Manliness book, hair product and more.

Over the past couple weeks I’ve used my new Old Spice products more. I still feel like the Fiji Re-Fresh scent is the best fit for me. I love the fruity smell and the scent lasts all day. You might be thinking… “How can he tell that the scent is actually lasting all day because his olfactory must get used to that scent after initially spraying it. Right?” Well, yes, right. However! People keep complimenting my subtle yet delicious body scent throughout the days and into the evenings. Bravo, Old Spice! I’ve accomplished smelling nice all day and into the night with this new Fiji Re-Fresh spray. I’ll take it.

The stickers on the outside of my #SmellcometoManhood travel pack. My favorite stickers are 1) Business Deals and 2) Winning! because I love a good business deal and who doesn’t love winning?!

Disclaimer: Although this post is sponsored by Old Spice – thoughts and opinions are my own.

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QUICK, grab that product!

Over the past few months I’ve been using OSiS+ products on my hair (thanks, Schwarzkopf-Professional!). They’re all great, but I especially like the number 4 Play Texture Molding Paste. The product is light weight, smooth, and it tames my thick locks. It can be applied on dried hair when I want a curly look or on flat ironed hair when I want a more suave appearance. Gotta grab the whole product line while I still can!

Photography: Kris McElligott

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