5 Quick and Easy Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Christmas was here and gone and so was January! I cannot believe it’s almost time for Valentine’s Day. If you haven’t bought your loved one a gift yet that is ok. If you aren’t buying for someone else, but want to get something new for yourself that is also ok!

Scroll down to see 5 quick and easy gifts for Valentine’s Day.



Silk Underwear because who doesn’t want to be comfortable in bed? ($40) Tani

MH40 Headphones because music is important and to enjoy music you need great sound! ($399) Master & Dynamic

Chuck II Coated Leather High Top because old or dirty shoes are not ok and John Varvatos is a legend as are Converse so these shoes are basically needed in every guy’s wardrobe. ($150) John Varvatos x Converse

Custom Live Pixel Phone Case because mass produced phone cases are very 2014 ($40+ ) Google Live Cases

Rose 2016 because it’s a great bottle served chilled and it’s from one of my favorite vineyards. ($17/bottle) Wolffer Estate Wineyard

Google Glass

 Have you seen this video? I came across it while browsing news over at Style.com. As of now, Glass is only available to people in the Explorer program (entry fee of $1,500), but they are slated to launch to the public late 2014. The frames are a mix of function and style. It will be interesting to see how they evolve over the years. Currently I think they’re a bit clunky.

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