Breakfast at Tiffany’s

I went to a breakfast at Tiffany’s yesterday to preview holiday styles and, well, eat breakfast. Distracted by the bling, I forgot to eat much breakfast and spent an hour or so chatting with friends and trying on jewelry. The 18k gold bracelet above was one of my favorite pieces. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Jewelry fans: where do you shop for your bling?

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Opening Ceremony Spring 2014 Menswear

This Opening Ceremony collection caught my eye the other day. I love the clean lines, color blocking, and pops of metallic and prints. Can’t wait to rock similar looks next spring/summer!

OC_002_1366.450x675 OC_003_1366.450x675 OC_005_1366.450x675 OC_009_1366.450x675 OC_010_1366.450x675 OC_012_1366.450x675 OC_020_1366.450x675 OC_022_1366.450x675 OC_024_1366.450x675 OC_025_1366.450x675 OC_027_1366.450x675 OC_029_1366.450x675

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Fast Five with Tessa J. Kennedy

Tessa J. Kennedy, owner of New Histories Jewelry, is prepping to launch her next collection. The current New Histories Jewelry collection is limited to women’s pieces, but this fall a few items will be available for the fellas. I love the skull rings and her use of gemstones. Can’t wait to see New Histories Man!

What’s happening now: I keep checking out her Production Designs link for the cool jewelry timeline!

Tessa J. Kennedy

Photo: Jay Muhlin

Ian Michael Crumm:
What did you have for breakfast?
Tessa J. Kennedy: Crackers with turkey and half an apple.

IMC: Whose shoes are you wearing?
TJK: Adidas- just got back from the gym!

IMC: What is your favorite guilty pleasure?
TJK: Really dirty/hardcore rap/hip-hop. Only feels guilty because I can’t play it in the car with my daughter, or many other family members and friends for that matter.

IMC: Where were you last night?
TJK: With my family at home, happily.

IMC: What do you wear to bed?
TJK: All depends on the mood if you know what I mean.

Ring Ring

Until tomorrow, IMC

Today’s look!

I’m about to go see The Great Gatsby and I decided to wear some of my gold jewelry! Here’s my look..







Shirt: Versace – Jeans: Gap – Shoes: Cole Haan – Jewelry: gold, diamonds, and a sapphire (thanks, grandpa!)

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The Haas Brothers for Versace Home

Ok so I normally talk about clothing, but when I saw this furniture collection I had to write a post about it. Love, love, love all of the black leather and gold. If I had a penthouse in NYC, this is the furniture I would use!

1 1 1 1 1 1

What are your thoughts? Would you use this furniture in your house? Check Versace out on Facebook!