Shirt: Gap | Blazer: Zara | Jeans: Gap | Belt: Huckstraps | Shoes: Diesel | Bag: Hayden Harnett | Glasses: Gant w/ InoTime lenses

This is the first time in a long time that I’ve posted an outfit with glasses! Normally I wear contacts, but I recently had a new pair of glasses filled by InoTime and have worn these Gant specs ever since. Instead of waiting multiple days or even weeks for the new rx to process at a traditional lab, I used InoTime to get my lenses almost immediately. They deliver within 3 hours! (for readers located in Philly). Love it. Here I also have on a pair of “vintage” Diesel sneakers and that mesh blazer I can’t get enough of this summer (I bought two…). Would you use InoTime to get rx lenses within 3 hours?

Photography: Christopher Fascenelli

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Roomie Beach Trip Part 2

Shirt: Mossimo | Shorts: Gap | Shoes: Sperry | Hat: Gap | Sunnies: Aldo

When Lauren and I went to Cape May the other week we stopped on the street to snap my other outfit (wasn’t going to wear those swim trunks walking around!) It was a simple, yet colorful, look since we were at the beach. This year I’ve worn a lot of mirrored sunnies and plan to keep doing so. :) What are you wearing this summer? Do you like the mirrored sunnies look?

Photography: Lauren Sauder

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Shirt: Gap | Shorts: Banana Republic | Shoes: GBX | Sunnies: Aldo

IDK why when I woke up yesterday I decided to wear all blue. It seemed simple and easy on the eyes. The night before (this past Saturday) I decided to wear all black for the Cezanne opening at The Barnes and a night at Stratus Rooftop. Perhaps the (not typical Ian) black outfit inspired a colored version the next day. Either way when my roommate and I left to run some errands… we spotted this blue door that was perfect for this blue on blue on blue (with a slight accent of white, orange and gray) outfit. Then we made tacos. YUM.

And no the title isn’t after the clematis multi blue flower. OK, thanks.

Photography: Lauren Sauder

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Taking Flight.

Shirt: c/o/ Fairwear | Jacket: c/o/ Alpha Industries | Pants: Gap | Shoes: Rockport

Last week there was a rain storm that brought cooler temperatures. Just before the storm hit I stepped outside in this MA-A Flight Jacket. It’s reversible so the bright orange can be wore outside. I matched my shoes to the inner facing orange lining. The shirt is made from COOLMAX so it’s very breathable. Perfect since it’s still a little hot to wear a jacket unless it’s a chilly summer night (not ideal lighting for outfit photos). Do you have a go to summer jacket?

Photography: Lauren Sauder

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JACKETS: Transitioning to Spring.

Sweater: INC | Pants: Gap | Windbreaker: c/o ISAORA | Shoes: Generic Surplus

It’s finally starting to get nice outside (thank you mother nature). Since it’s warm during the day and chilly at night, I’ve been packing this ISAORA windbreaker in my day bag when I walk into the city. It’s lightweight (doesn’t bother me to carry it around) and the grey color goes with almost everything. A new staple for spring.

Photography: Suni Silvan

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