Heat Wave

Shirt: c/o/ Fairwear | Shorts: Levi’s | Belt: UO | Shoes: Cole Haan | Sunnies: Aldo

It’s so f#%^^king hot lately. I almost didn’t wear this outfit to go meet my friend for a drink, but then realized the sun was almost gone and wore it anyway. Tomorrow it’s supposed to get up to 100. GAHHHHH. Legs for days. Shorts for days. (Hopefully not) sweating for days. I’ve had this multicolored beaded belt for a while now – don’t wear it that often, but it goes with a lot of outfits since it has so many colors. Easy to compliment hues. Until next post… IMC

Photography: Lauren Sauder

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Diner en Blanc Saviour

This weekend I went shopping because Diner en Blanc is this upcoming Thursday and I needed new white pants! You might have read my article talking about where men can buy white fashions, “Consider This Your Men’s Style Guide to Diner en Blanc.” I could have ordered those Perry Ellis slacks, but decided to wait until this past weekend. After searching numerous stores (Nordstrom, Macy’s, Express, etc.), I finally found white pants at jcpenney! Clearly I shouldn’t have waited so long…#opps. I hadn’t shopped at jcpenney for years and under the directions of my mother I decided to check it out. I walked in the door and immediately to the right were white chinos. BINGO! & for $7 I must include. Where’s the register? I’m ready for Diner en Blanc! Below is an image from my Racked article that YOU CAN READ HERE.

Diner en Blanc Racked Philly

Thanks for the shopping tip, mom!

(I actually went back and bought more then.. jcpenney has some cute things. I now understand why Nina Garcia is a Style Voice for that store!)

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Scarf meets painting.

I took my scarf and hanged it from a painting. A scarf collaboration between two friends.






 Lele Designs x Lobo Mau = Lele Mau