Dîner en Blanc


 Prim, proper and white all over – the 3rd annual Dîner en Blanc Philadelphia took place this week on Broad Street. Last year I was one of the Most Elegant Male judges and the production team asked me back again this year. To prep an outfit for the occasion I worked with designer Melissa D’Agostino! Previewing pieces from her spring 2015 collection, we decided on an Italian Samurai suit. It’s linen, fits like a glove and has drop crotch detailing. What more could I ask for?! After reviewing guy’s looks the first hour of the event and deciding who won Most Elegant Male, I walked around with Sheryl and Chris – stopping to chat with friends, dance and take in the beautiful scenery. I wonder where it will be next year…!

Photography: Christopher Fascenelli

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Fountain Fun

Well I’ve chatted a lot about Diner en Blanc recently. But here is one last post! After partying on the JFK Blvd. Bridge past 11 p.m., HughE and I went to Logan Circle (where Diner en Blanc Philly was last year) and had a mini photo shoot! I climbed up the Swann Fountain and posed with the green statues. The water was cold, which felt amazing after all the dancing. Truly a remarkable event, I am so excited for next year!

All white outfit options below!

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Diner en Blanc

Diner en Blanc is a huge white picnic. Attendees are unsure where the location is until right before it starts. Groups are spread out all over the city; guessing the location is out of the question. The 2013 Diner en Blanc Philadelphia happened on the John F. Kennedy Boulevard Bridge. Once the white party started, I walked around to find elegantly dressed men to nominate them for “Most Elegant Male.” Garrett, picture below, ended up winning the award. After judging outfits and eating dinner, it was time to dance! I never imagined one day I would be dancing on that bridge (and until 12 a.m. too!) This was my first year attending Diner en Blanc and I am so excited for next time!

Waiting to find out where the picnic is!

Loved this car!

Picnic attendees heading to setup their tables.

Revati – she photographed my first fashion editorial for Philly Current magazine out Sept. 1st!

Garrett Olthuis – Most Elegant Male
Sara Ann Kelly

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Diner en Blanc Saviour

This weekend I went shopping because Diner en Blanc is this upcoming Thursday and I needed new white pants! You might have read my article talking about where men can buy white fashions, “Consider This Your Men’s Style Guide to Diner en Blanc.” I could have ordered those Perry Ellis slacks, but decided to wait until this past weekend. After searching numerous stores (Nordstrom, Macy’s, Express, etc.), I finally found white pants at jcpenney! Clearly I shouldn’t have waited so long…#opps. I hadn’t shopped at jcpenney for years and under the directions of my mother I decided to check it out. I walked in the door and immediately to the right were white chinos. BINGO! & for $7 I must include. Where’s the register? I’m ready for Diner en Blanc! Below is an image from my Racked article that YOU CAN READ HERE.

Diner en Blanc Racked Philly

Thanks for the shopping tip, mom!

(I actually went back and bought more then.. jcpenney has some cute things. I now understand why Nina Garcia is a Style Voice for that store!)

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IANstagram Moments in July

July 5th: I stopped by my friend Hilary’s store to see her made-in-America fashions.

July 7th: I styled and modeled in a photo shoot for Philly Current’s September issue!

July 9th: My first article for Details went live.

July 10th: I modeled in a segment on Fox for Diner en Blanc. ALL WHITE EVERYTHING!

July 13th: I wore my new Tsubo shoes for the first time. Editorial pictures to come soon!

July 18th: I modeled outfits that transition from summer to fall in a segment for ABC!

July 24th: My PUNK look was well received at HughE Dillon’s bday party!

July 31st: I shot a few photos with my friend Chris. Editorial looks coming soon!

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