Gray Geese

Because who doesn’t get a little obsessed with a style every now and then? Green (my favorite color) is quite an apparent hue in this look. This is the second outfit I put together with my new Mack Weldon shirt, which I love. It’s a super soft cotton blend t-shirt – technically it’s an undershirt, but I felt like styling it for the streets (or in this case grass field). Here I’m also wearing Mack Weldon no show socks. You can kind of see them peaking out on my arched left foot in the last photo. Again, very soft/comfy. Happy one year of shooting together, Chris!

Photography: Christopher Fascenelli

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Urban Desert

Shirt: Lucky | Shorts: Lacoste | Socks: Bugatchi | Shoes: Sperry | Hat: BR | Sunnies: UO

The sun was setting and these rusting metal rods looked like sun-kissed benches. Partially under a highway, Christopher and I stopped to snap this look. Hot weather calls for some haute outfits so I broke out this (I’ll call it) vintage linen Lucky shirt. The Lacoste shorts are also “vintage” since I’ve been wearing them since 8th grade. Yes, 8th grade! #talkaboutgettingyourmoniesworth. I like the lines on the Bugatchi socks next to the lines of the sun-kissed metal benches.

Photography: Christopher Fascenelli

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 Shirt: French Connection | Pants: Levi’s | Belt: c/o/ Huckstraps | Shoes: c/o/ Cat Footwear | Sunnies: c/o/ Made Eyewear

After a whirlwind spring filled with projects, writing articles, school work, etc. it’s hard to make myself slowdown and reflect on my life. The other day Christopher and I were in Old City for a meeting and decided to stop my the park for a bit. For a brief moment we chatted on projects we’ve completed this year and planned for the coming months. A quick moment of reflecting before we headed to an event in center city. Although fast… I gained insight from our conversation and am excited for the coming months! Here the sun is reflected off of my mirrored sunnies as Christopher captures moments of thought.

Photography: Christopher Fascenelli

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