Finding Your Go-To Wardrobe Staples

Chopard_Charfor_IanMichaelCrumm Chopard_Charfor_IanMichaelCrumm2 Chopard_Charfor_IanMichaelCrumm3 Chopard_Charfor_IanMichaelCrumm4

Shirt: Chafor | Pants: Primark | Shoes: Donald Pliner (similar style) | Sunglasses: Chopard

This summer has been a whirlwind of traveling around, which means… living out of a suitcase. While it’s been insanely fun… it’s been tricky packing and repacking time and time again. To simplify my life I started narrowing down the options I wore opting for better quality, basics that can be worn again and again without seeming boring. For a taste of up coming series on identifying your staple pieces I’m sharing a few items I’ve loved all summer.
1) This Chafor shirt is cut with a little extra room in the back that allows for an anti-sweat design in warmer climates. It was a great piece to wear in the blazing sun and I will certainly keep wearing it on upcoming trips to sunny destinations.
2) The Chopard sunglasses (according to my sister) fit my face the best of any I’ve worn. The wood and acetate temples are very comfortable. The wood bridge adds structure to the look.
3) These Donald Pliner shoes are going into fall with me because they are so damn comfortable! Clean, crisp and forgiving to the feet. One thing I’ve learned while traveling so much is to identify a handful of stellar shoes that will last long and have generous foot padding. Highly suggest checking out the various styles from DJP.

More on go-to essentials soon!
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