Shirt: French Connection | Pants: Levi’s | Belt: c/o/ Huckstraps | Shoes: c/o/ Cat Footwear | Sunnies: c/o/ Made Eyewear

After a whirlwind spring filled with projects, writing articles, school work, etc. it’s hard to make myself slowdown and reflect on my life. The other day Christopher and I were in Old City for a meeting and decided to stop my the park for a bit. For a brief moment we chatted on projects we’ve completed this year and planned for the coming months. A quick moment of reflecting before we headed to an event in center city. Although fast… I gained insight from our conversation and am excited for the coming months! Here the sun is reflected off of my mirrored sunnies as Christopher captures moments of thought.

Photography: Christopher Fascenelli

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Colored Collar

Polo: c/o/ Jack Nichlaus | Sweater: Banana Republic | Pants: Levi’s | Shoes: c/o Cat Footwear

It’s no secret that I wear a decent amount of color. When I got an email about this Jack Nichlaus polo I was like, “ohhhh I like the color blocking” and decided I’d wear one. I paired it with a sweater (the polo is from a golf collection with a classic fit). My Cat boots kept the outfit casual for a walk through Fairmount with my roomie. Maybe I’ll get back into golfing and wear the polo to a country club. Are you a golfer? What do you wear to the course?

Photography: Lauren Sauder

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Ah, they’re new!

What’s better than wearing uber comfy shoes? Supporting a company that makes uber comfy shoes and gives back to the community. Introducing Ahnu shoes that was founded in 2007. Since Jenny, Jacqueline and Jim started the company they’ve given over $250,000 to charities and community organizations benefiting breast cancer victims, wilderness preservation and more. Ahnu sent these boots my way and I’m excited to blog about them. Typically I like to wear footwear with a little kick (say moon boots or bright orange sneaks), but I really like these simple shoes. They are casual and like I’ve already said… very comfortable. Next time I go on a day trip to NYC or some other city I’ll be sure to wear them for all the walking. Props to Ahnu for supporting charities and community organizations.

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No Reservations

Shirt: Gap

Jacket: thrifted

Jeans: Gap

Belt: Gap

Sunnies: D&G

Shoes: Aston Grey

As we enter the holiday season, my wardrobe is getting more and more festive. Reds, metallic accents, and earth tones to resemble the holidays. Along with the parties and family gathering happening during this time of year, there is also chaos. Gift buying, card writing, cooking, and much more. It’s important to take a moment every now and then to rest and enjoy life while some are stressing over a not so quiet holiday season.

So why not go see a play? Performance art is a great way to get the mind of off, well, all those other crazy holiday activities! I heard No Reservations is opening at the Adrienne Theater in Philly later this month. I’m excited to go, but ironically the play is all about a chaotic Christmas! I guess there isn’t much getting around the madness that ensues when presents start piling up and party invitations keep coming in the mail. I don’t want to ruin the plot for myself so I’m going to wait to find out what happens until seeing the play sometime between Nov. 26-Dec. 15.

Shop holiday looks for the theater and more on East Dane!

Photography: Kris McElligott

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Today’s look!

Sweater: Tulliano – Pants: Gap – Boots: Nocona – Vest: Jacques Ferber – Jacket : Andrew Marc – Belt: Gap – Necklace: gift – Ring: TJ Maxx – Umbrella: Calvin Klein