IANstagram Moments in June

Here are some of my favorite moments from the past month! From meeting fashion idols to launching my own t-shirt design, there was a lot going on in June. Looking forward to more projects in the coming month!

June 4th: Prepped for my t-shirt launch with a teaser image… the black bar gets removed at my launch party.

June 7th: Launched my t-shirt titled “too CHIC to ignore.”

June 11th: Took inspiration from the latest Isabel Marant collection in celebration of her new collection for H&M.

June 13th: Launched my new website design.

June 13th: Photos from the Wawa Welcome America festical campaign were released. See more of my shots HERE.

June 19th: Met Bobbie Thomas!

June 25th: Commented on the bold colors and prints trend that will be seen S/S ’14.
Hope your June was a success!
Until tomorrow, IMC

Bobbie Thomas

This week Bobbie Thomas, Style Editor for the Today Show, stopped by Skai Blue Show to chat about her new book “The Power of Style.” It was fun hearing her talk about style, how it should empower you, and why fashion insiders cannot obsess over unattainable standards. She signed in my copy of her book, “I hope ‘The Power of Style’ inspires you to be more you.” Great motto to focus on personal happiness instead of aspiring to please others with your appearance. I am excited to read her book and then pass it on for my mom and girl friends to read.

Nicole Haddad, founder/designer of Lobo Mau, was excited to see Bobbie in one of her designs. Here is a picture of Nicole and Bobbie. They are twinning in the same print!
Screen shot 2013-06-20 at 12.37.11 PM
Kristin Detterline of Philadelphia Style Magazine, Bobbie Thomas & Rakia Reynolds of Skai Blue Media
I’ve been drinking resource Natural Spring Water since the event. They are supporting Bobbie’s book tour and supplied guests with electrolyte water.
Hope everyone has a great day! – IMC