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And I’m off! Hello to the holiday season, hello to spending time with family, and HELLO to fantastic gifts. Tis the season for shopping and I’m very excited to partner with TM1985 in Brooklyn for a Black (Leather) Friday event. Over the past month I’ve been carrying the brand’s Allen bag around for photo shoots and business travels. It’s immaculately crafted. As you can see in the image below. Well, helllllo gorgeous. It’s one of those bags that you gift (becuase you’re the best gift giver) and then realize…. wait, I need a second one for myself!

THANKFULLY (get the pun… tomorrow is Thanksgiving… ha) – TM1985 is offering a buy one get one on the Allen bag for guests during our holiday styling party. Details are below! I will be on site at the store sharing my favorite gifts and probably taking more photos with my Allen bag. ;D

Friday, November 25th 12-6PM
261 Smith Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231

tm1985_3 tm1985_2



No Reservations

Shirt: Gap

Jacket: thrifted

Jeans: Gap

Belt: Gap

Sunnies: D&G

Shoes: Aston Grey

As we enter the holiday season, my wardrobe is getting more and more festive. Reds, metallic accents, and earth tones to resemble the holidays. Along with the parties and family gathering happening during this time of year, there is also chaos. Gift buying, card writing, cooking, and much more. It’s important to take a moment every now and then to rest and enjoy life while some are stressing over a not so quiet holiday season.

So why not go see a play? Performance art is a great way to get the mind of off, well, all those other crazy holiday activities! I heard No Reservations is opening at the Adrienne Theater in Philly later this month. I’m excited to go, but ironically the play is all about a chaotic Christmas! I guess there isn’t much getting around the madness that ensues when presents start piling up and party invitations keep coming in the mail. I don’t want to ruin the plot for myself so I’m going to wait to find out what happens until seeing the play sometime between Nov. 26-Dec. 15.

Shop holiday looks for the theater and more on East Dane!

Photography: Kris McElligott

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Shoe Week!

So it’s the first ever Shoe Week over at Racked.com! Yesterday my column posted CHECK IT OUT.

Here is another footwear option and a few of my SHOEstagrams..

Opal Crocodile-Embossed High-Top Sneakers @ GUESS


Why I love them: They’re dressy enough to wear out to a nice restaurant, but pack a punch with the embossed leather! Wear with dark jeans or slacks and a custom dress shirt. Maybe Indochino? If you’re daring, ADD PATTERNED SOCKS!




Racked Column

Keep your soul happy by buying soles! ;D


Camilla Skovgaard



They’re sick. That’s it. shoe


Here’s there website


Kenneth Cole: F/W13

Some of my favorites from Kenneth Cole’s newest collection.













Images via Style.com