Red Stripe Pant + You Should Try Blue Glasses

Red_Stripe_Pants_Ian_Michael_Crumm Red_Stripe_Pants_Ian_Michael_Crumm_2 Red_Stripe_Pants_Ian_Michael_Crumm_3

This winter I’ve been on a black on black on black wardrobe routine. I’m ready to break that habit!! Have you felt stuck in a style pattern with the urge to mix it up? It’s a new year and now is the time! I do love the comfort of wearing black. It’s easy to mix and match pieces to create solid looks. The simplicity of styling black looks was a needed mental stabilizer this fall, however I’m ready to get back to my accessorized self! I mixed these black pieces with a new pair of blue sunglasses my friend recently gifted me. The lens color makes the world clean and crisp. These glasses are like a great night sleep, a cup of coffee (or your caffeinated beverage of choice) and a new outlook on the world mixed into one accessory. The rest of the outfit is (loosely) inspired by Saturday Night Fever. Mainly the spirit of these holographic Dr. Martens shoes. Every time I look at them I think, “It’s a new year! I’m ready to dance!”

Before We Spring Forward

Tee: ASOS | Pants: Zara | Coat: Andrew Marc Shoes: Kenneth Cole | Sunglasses: Mont Blanc | Watch: Marco Mavilla

In the winter something about the cold keeps me dressed in a lot of black and neutral colors. With spring around the corner I’m playing with the light and making a graphic statement. I paired this lined t-shirt with my favorite winter coat to keep me warm, but the whole time I wore it I just wanted to throw the coat down and walk around in just the t-shirt! Toward the end of each season I start working in the next season’s styles. Whether that’s wearing fall layers at the first cool breeze in September or attempting to wear just a t-shirt at the beginning of March, the saying goes, “we always want what we don’t have.” If the current temperate means I get to wear this outfit, then I want exactly what I DO have. Cheers to spring temperatures ahead.


Photography: Briana Louise
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Into The Blue | Denim, Leather, Sweaters

Sweater: Distinction | Jacket: Andrew Marc | Jeans: Sebastian McCall | Shoes: Noah Waxman
Watch: Smart Turnout

Lately I’ve been gravitating towards navy. My closet has transitioned from a once very vibrant selection to a subdued color palette of mostly navy, black, gray and tan. I like it. Pieces are easy to piece together making getting ready in the morning fast. I could wear this blue leather jacket with this navy Ryan Seacreast Distinction sweater or switch it out for a black or gray top. The jeans fit like a glove. A darker wash, Sebastian McCall has quickly become my go-to denim brand. I mix and matched them with almost everything in my closet. I can’t forget the shoes! While these boots aren’t one of the four hues mentioned above, green is my favorite color and an honorary neutral in my style book. This look can easily be dressed up by switching the boots for a sleek shoe like Noah’s Odeon oxford. How would you interpret this outfit?

Photography: Briana Louise
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New Year New York

Wearing a Andrew Marc coat and Hershel backpack in NYC.

Every NYE I sit down and reflect on the year. After making a list of the year’s top accomplishments today, I am beyond pleased and thankful for all of the support from my readers. This year was a dream come true, over and over again! From kicking off 2015 by taking a flight to Beijing to visit one of my best friends (that’s you – Mollie Snyder!) for a project with LifeStyle China to producing the second Shop Like A Local Retail & Style Guide with Kimpton Hotels to launching, leading to more travel with Mollie, so many memories were created. I am looking forward to a few new projects in the pipeline for 2016 and a pretty major announcement in March. Until next year… be safe, don’t drink and drive and hopefully you will be dancing tonight like me!

Cheers, IMC

Photography: Briana Louise
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As the weather warms up, so does my need to explore! Even though I’ve driven over the Ben Franklin Bridge numerous times, I’ve never walked it – until the other day! Sun shining – Chris and I went to the blue suspension bridge, which played well with my neutral toned look. I love this Andrew Marc jacket and the perforation detail on the front pockets. A sporty detail to go with the  sleek boots and joggers. I’ll definitely be wearing this jacket throughout the spring. Do you wear leather jackets? What do you think of the blue color?

Sweater: vintage | Jacket: Andrew Marc | Pants: Rustic Dime | Shoes: ohw? | Watch: Skagen | Sunglasses: Oakley

Photography: Chris Fascenelli

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