Dos Caminos

In the fall Kris and I shot these after enjoying chips and drinks at Dos Caminos SoHo. The restaurant is so cute and I LOVE the guac there. Although I’m almost addicted to the El Vez pistachio guac, this one is pretty tasty! We thought the cool lights outside made for a great backdrop on a wet and gloomy day. The green Hunters brightened up my look and, along with the American Trench trench coat, kept me dry! If you’re going to be in SoHo, NYC soon and haven’t tried Dos Caminos – definitely check it out!

Sweater: Vintage | Jacket: American Trench | Jeans: Gap | Boots: HUNTER

Scarf: Vintage | Watch: SKAGEN

Photography: Kris Mae

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Tea Ceremony at Dr. Tea

Ahhh after a stimulating time at the Great Wall, George, Mollie and I went to Dr. Tea in Chinatown, Beijing for a tea ceremony. China likes to promote tea culture to foreigners and pays for the tea house to operate, which meant free tea for us! Our awesome tea expert took us through some of the teas they sell at Dr. Tea. We tasted jasmine tea, which is great for mornings or early afternoons. Olong tea is the most common tea in China – I bought some to bring home to my mom – and it was delicious! It leaves a slight earthy aftertaste. Yum. We also enjoyed a sweet tea made entirely of dried fruits and a few others.

To ensure purified and steeped to perfection, little “pee pee boys” pee when water is hot enough to make tea safely. The little figurines are cute… I’ll let you google that one.

Suit: Krammer & Stoudt | Sweater: DKNY | Scarf: American Trench | Sunglasses: Prada

Watch: Seiko Astron GPS Solar

Photography: George Evan

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The Great Wall

What can I say… going to the Great Wall of China has been on my bucket list for quite some time. The morning of our trip a driver picked us up from Jinsong and we headed North to the Great Wall. After an hour or so we arrived to tour the wall! Normally a very crowded  section, David (the driver/tour guide) said it wouldn’t be crowded since it’s winter. YAY! BURRR! Riding to the wall was really cool because we got to see the outskirts of Beijing. There were intimate villages and this HUGE fruit statue. We drove past that statue fast – wish we stopped to snap some pics. Once at the Great Wall we took a ski lift to the top. Mollie and I were a little freaked out (not the best with open heights), but we managed! It was so beautiful looking at the mountains from such a historic structure. My feet are dangling in one of the photos above . Can you see them? :) We walked about and hiked up stairs for an hour or so and then it was time to toboggan! Yes, toboggan. To get down the mountain there is a metal toboggan slide path. I decided to go first and am glad I did because Mollie’s sweater got stuck… and then George had to help her get unstuck while going down the mountain! They were fine and we all made it down safely. We finished by enjoying a supreme pizza at one of the local food spots.

To stay warm and comfortable I wore Krammer& Stoudt’s Belmondo travel suit. It’s so soft and luxurious, I unashamedly wore it multiple times later in the trip… I accessorized with a beanie, scarf and socks from American Trench and packed some extra goodies (another small jacket, chapstick, a camera etc) in the Cote & Ciel backpack.

Since we had a pretty tight schedule (after this we went to a tea ceremony and then the Summer Palace only to wake up the next morning and fly to Sanya!), my Seiko Astron GPS Solar watch came in handy! It’s powered by all kinds of light so I didn’t have to worry about it running out of power. With the gorgeous blue skys there was tons of natural light to keep it going. Thank you Beijing for not being smoggy during our travels!

Suit: Krammer & Stoudt | Sweater: DKNY | Shoes: Tsubo | Jacket: Andrew Marc

Backpack: Cote & Ciel | Beanie, Scarf and Socks: American Trench | Sunglasses: Prada (both)

Next up: Dr. Tea tea ceremony!

Photography: George Evan

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By Logan Circle.

Tee: c/o Goodlife | Cardigan: Topman | Jeans: Levi’s | Beanie: Target Style | Sunnies: c/o/ SEE Eyewear | Scarf | c/o/ American Trench | Gloves: H&M | Shoes: Via Spiga

Whether bright sunnies, long scarves, colored beanies or leather gloves.. I think it’s obvious that I love accessories. Friends tell me I’m a “jewelry person.” My wall has racks of scarves. There are plastic containers under my bed with sunnies I’ve collection over the years. There’s no getting around my addiction. Here I wear some of my favorite accessories. Those yellow SEE sunnies, blue leather gloves and that printed scarf. Are you looking for some wardrobe accents? Shop hats, scarves and gloves from East Dane in the widget below! (other products viewable through the links).

Photography: Suni Silvan

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In Rittenhouse.

 Henley: c/o/ Håndværk  | Trench: c/o/ American Trench | Jeans: Levis | Shoes: c/o/ Ahnu | Hat: Lake of Isles | Sunnies: c/o/ Götti Switzerland | Gloves: Guess | Scarf: c/o/ Christa Louise | Bag: Harvey

Last week as I walked through Rittenhouse, my new silk and wool Christa Louise scarf blew in the wind. Suni and I went to snap this outfit, but it was soooooo cold (she forgot her coat..). After getting these images we dashed to the nearest store to warm up and chat. Thankfully American Trench has a wool button-in warmer that I attached to my trench and the gray Ahnu shoes were comfortable during all that city walking and dashing!

Photography: Suni Silvan

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