Black Leather

 Tee: Target | Shorts: Katin | Sandals: Ahnu | Backpack: Herschel | Sunglasses: Carrera | Watch: Timex

Even though it’s summer, I’m still about black leather. Not sure why I’ve been fond of the material since I was young, but I continue to wear it all seasons. This Herschel backpack is my new favorite bag because it has comfortable shoulder straps and a slot for my laptop. I matched the bag with black leather sandals and a black tee. Since it is summer I added a bit of color with the green shorts (green is my favorite color in case you didn’t know ;D). What do you think? Do you wear leather? Even in the summer?

Photography: Briana Louise

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Wood You Like My Bamboo Sweater?

Lately I’ve been practically living in my Devigi sweater because 1) it’s made with bamboo fibers so it’s warmth without bulk and 2) it’s UBER comfortable. A must-have for every guy! There are other “earth” components to this look, too. The wood sunglasses, a subdued forest color palette and, of course, leaf print Happy Socks. A comfortable outfit perfect to transition from leaving a long workout at the gym to running errands. Do you have a favorite sweater for your day-to-day travels?

Quarter-zip: Devigi | Jacket: Kenneth Cole | Pants: Levi’s
Socks: Happy Socks | Shoes: Ahnu | Sunglasses: Woodzee

Photography: Briana Louise

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Stairway To

Shirt: True Religion | Zip Up: Treads 4 Thought | Pants: Levi’s | Shoes: Ahnu

Photography: Timothy Stevens

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Blending In.

Shirt: Threads 4 Thought | Pants: Rustic Dime | Jacket: Kenneth Cole | Coat: French Connection | Beanie: Nudie | Scarf & Gloves: Banana Republic | Shoes: Ahnu | Sunglasses: Made Eyewear

I seriously didn’t try to match my outfit to the exterior of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Briana and I were going to shoot this look in a quaint alley, but then decided to switch locations and shoot at the PMA. Although camo is for blending in, that certainly wasn’t the intent with this look. I love how the Made Eyewear sunglasses pop with the emerald green lenses. Notice the pops of green in the architecture shots? Love how those hues coordinated.

With the icky weather my feet stayed dry in brown leather Ahnu shoes. The top of the shoes look like canvas, but it’s actually treated suede for more durability. Cool right?!

This look was perfect for gallivanting around town. Briana and I spent Sunday catching up from a hectic week, having coffee and discussing a new project I’ll be announcing within the next week! Until then – would you incorporate camo into your outfit? Favorite camo item? Bag? Shoes? Pants?

Photography: Briana Louise

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Miley On The Loose

Shirt: Marc Jacobs | Jeans: 7 For All Mankind | Sandals: c/o/ Ahnu | Sunnies: Aldo

Miley sure has experienced (ehem, created) a crazy career the past year or so. Aside from pop divas Bae and GaGa, she’s one of the best media generators in Hollywood. I love her collaboration with Marc Jacobs for that reason. If standing on stage half-naked all the time isn’t enough – why not pose completely naked on a t-shirt? Done and done. I got this shirt a while ago during a NYC trip and posted about it here. Decided to break it out again for a trip to NoLibs. MILEY IS ON THE LOOSE. Also side note: the sandals came in a box with a tag that had a Xed out socks with sandals caricature. So I ask myself, “WWMD, What would Miley do?” She’d probably tear the tag up and toss the shoes. I took half her advice since I’m still wearing the shoes ;) but with socks muahahah

Photography: Christopher Fascenelli

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