Miley On The Loose

Shirt: Marc Jacobs | Jeans: 7 For All Mankind | Sandals: c/o/ Ahnu | Sunnies: Aldo

Miley sure has experienced (ehem, created) a crazy career the past year or so. Aside from pop divas Bae and GaGa, she’s one of the best media generators in Hollywood. I love her collaboration with Marc Jacobs for that reason. If standing on stage half-naked all the time isn’t enough – why not pose completely naked on a t-shirt? Done and done. I got this shirt a while ago during a NYC trip and posted about it here. Decided to break it out again for a trip to NoLibs. MILEY IS ON THE LOOSE. Also side note: the sandals came in a box with a tag that had a Xed out socks with sandals caricature. So I ask myself, “WWMD, What would Miley do?” She’d probably tear the tag up and toss the shoes. I took half her advice since I’m still wearing the shoes ;) but with socks muahahah

Photography: Christopher Fascenelli

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Roomie Beach Trip Part 1

Tee & Swim Trunks: c/o/ Original Penguin X Pepsi | Sandals: c/o Ahnu | Sunnies: c/o/ Made

My roommate and I decided to take a day trip to Cape May. GM sent over the Cadillac ATS (in black diamond – yessssss) and we drove down the shore last weekend. I haven’t been outside much this season – well, for an extended period of time – so I made sure to bring a high SPF sunscreen to keep from burning. Flash forward to the end of our day on the beach and I realized I should have used even more sunscreen…ouch.

You may have seen me talking World Cup Style when the games kicked off last month. Going along with the sports theme – I wore football (no, not futbol) inspired swim trunks and a tee from Original Penguin’s collaboration with Pepsi for the Live For Now Collection. Pepsi teamed up with Original Penguin, B&O PLAY, Gents, Goodlife, Del Toro and SHUT as well as retailers Bloomingdales, Colette and Liberty to create a collection surrounding the art of football. If you know me, I’m not a very heavy sports person minus swimming and running track in high school. However, I can get down with the clothes from Pepsi. I love the print on the swim trunks and how the tee’s pocket matches.

Photography: Lauren Sauder

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Trip sponsored by GM. Thoughts and opinions are all mine. 


Shirt: Andrew Christian | Blazer: Zara | Pants: Mossimo | Shoes: c/o/ Ahnu

Sunnies: c/o/ Made | Bag: Hayden Harnett

The other day I had a few minutes before I went to dinner at Parc. I popped into Zara on Walnut, searched around a bit, tried on some pants (that didn’t look that great on me) and was walking out of the door when…. dunnnn dun da da dAHHHH! This black mesh blazer caught my eyes. Tried it on and was sold. Then headed to my dinner meeting. Here I wear the jacket with one of my favorite t-shirts. It actually zippers, but I don’t zipper it because I’d be walking about hunched over from the pulled fabric. HAH. The blazer is sooooo light and perfect for warm summer days and nights.

Photography: Christopher Fascenelli

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Matching Blue.

Shirt: Perry Ellis | Blazer: vintage | Pants: Levi’s | Tie: Valentino | Shoes: c/o/ Ahnu

My affinity for posing in random places just keeps growing. This vintage blue blazer matches the rope in the stained glass.. hah! The tie was my great grandfather’s. I wear it a lot and it makes me think of him. Miss you gpa! I’m also bringing back those comfy Ahnu slip ons in this outfit post. Soooo what do you think? Totes awkward place to pose with this lewq or dead perfect location?

Photography: Kris McElligott

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Ah, they’re new!

What’s better than wearing uber comfy shoes? Supporting a company that makes uber comfy shoes and gives back to the community. Introducing Ahnu shoes that was founded in 2007. Since Jenny, Jacqueline and Jim started the company they’ve given over $250,000 to charities and community organizations benefiting breast cancer victims, wilderness preservation and more. Ahnu sent these boots my way and I’m excited to blog about them. Typically I like to wear footwear with a little kick (say moon boots or bright orange sneaks), but I really like these simple shoes. They are casual and like I’ve already said… very comfortable. Next time I go on a day trip to NYC or some other city I’ll be sure to wear them for all the walking. Props to Ahnu for supporting charities and community organizations.

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