My Holiday Travel Must-Haves with State Farm

This post is sponsored by State Farm

There are a few DANGEROUS things about living in the Northeast: potential icy roads, flat tires, and car stalls while traveling in the winter months. The last thing I want to have to worry about while venturing to visit family is the increased chance of being stranded in the cold. GAH! That’s why I always pack a heavy jacket and accessories to stay warm in case of emergency. Thankfully I’ve relieved my wintery travel worries now knowing about a protection program, the Pennsylvania DOT State Farm Safety Patrol.


I’ve teamed up with State Farm to share some safety tips to make sure the holiday travel season stays joyful! A quick vehicle checkup is the best precaution before starting your travels. Remember to:

  1. Check the air pressure in all tires (especially the spare!)
  2. Make sure the wiper blades work
  3. Check the battery life and that cables are properly connected
  4. Inspect brake pads
  5. Change the oil and filter
  6. Test the headlights, brake lights, turn signals, emergency flashers, and interior lights


To go along with those State Farm’ quick vehicle safety tips, I’m listing my travel must-haves for going home during the holidays.

  1. Salted peanuts or some non-perishable snacks
  2. Fingerless driving gloves
  3. A kickass playlist (often curated by DJ friends or musicians)
  4. Purified water
  5. Coffee or a latte
  6. A blanket in case I get stranded and need to wait for the Assist Patrol
  7. One or more pairs of sunglasses


Where are you going this holiday season? The Assist Patrol program runs in 15 states with 20 sponsored patrols. Be sure to see if it operates near you and stay safe! You can learn more about the program here.

This post was sponsored by State Farm.


Photography: Brian J Green


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