Distinct Style at Morimoto

Jacket: Ryan Seacrest Distinction

Vibrant hues line the walls at Morimoto, a restaurant partnership between the Iron Chef and Stephen Starr. It’s quite the experience to indulge in a nine course Omakase tasting menu while the lights behind your date’s head change from intense red to opulent orange to cool blue. Briana and I stopped by just before Valentine’s Day (friend date!) to experience the Omakase meal. My favorite dish was a scallop accompanied with A LOT OF TRUFFLE. I love truffle. After dinner, and after most of our fellow diners left, we stuck around to shoot my dinner jacket by Ryan Seacrest Distinction. The velvet blazer with a satin shawl collar was perfectly suited for the luxurious evening. My all-dark outfit provided a blank canvas as the vibrant hues changed the interior of the room as well as the allure of my attire.

Photography: Briana Louise
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  • Joe

    Great jacket. The restaurant looks great too. I will have to try both!