Go with the Blue Suit

Suit: Indochino | Shirt: Krammer & Stoudt

When someone is shopping for his first suit I always recommend buying blue. Blue is versatile. More casual than black, the blue suit mixes mixes well with other pieces. Often I will wear the jacket with a pair of dark denim or the pants with just a turtleneck. This double breasted vest goes well with many pants in my wardrobe. Aside from being able to mix and match blue suit pieces so easily, the blue suit can be worn to work and out at night. Often a black suit looks intense in the day unless it’s being broken up with prints and worn during a wintry white day. This suit is from Indochino’s Indotech collection, which means it’s WRINKLE RESISTANT! Yes, you heard me correct. I took this with me to Europe in September for a friend’s wedding. It got pushed around my suitcase for two weeks until the last day of the trip. I thought for sure when I opened the garment bag I would have tons of steaming, but with the Indotech’s innovative fabric the wrinkles shook right out.

Photography: Briana Louise
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  • Rosella E. LaFevre

    Ian, you look amazing! And I think that’s such great advice to a guy ready to invest in his first suit. My boyfriend has to get himself a blue suit!