Summer to Fall Skin Care Options

With summer coming to an end (wipes tears off face), it’s a great time to reassess skin conditions. If you’re like me this summer was filled with plenty of time in the sun, soaking up the rays by a pool or a beach. Hopefully with some sunscreen on, but it’s inevitable that the sun did some damage to our faces over the last few months even with a heavy SPF. There’s dead skin built up that needs to go leaving room for a polished appearance for fall. Here are some of my current skincare products that I love using.

Cleanser: L’Occitane

With the summer sun there is a good chance your facial skin has excess dead skin built up if you are not already using an defoliant. L’Occitane’s Cedrat Pure Cleanser has tiny exfoliating properties that polish skin, giving a deeper, more refreshing clean than a regular cleanser.
Use about twice a week.

Aftershave: Burt’s Bees

Although I stay away from shaving, opting for an electric beard groomer most days, the times that I do shave this comes in handy. My neck in particular becomes sensitive and razor burn prone. Sunflower and coconut oils help skin recover after shaving forcing razor burn from developing. It’s lightweight so a great product to use before a SPF moisturizer during the summer and fall.
Use after shaving.

Eye serum: La Prairie

It’s never too early to start preventative measures when it comes to skincare. I’m not going to sit hear and act like I have an aging problem – I don’t. However… from laughing all the time (sending thanks to my hilarious friends!), being in the sun, smiling, etc. there are small lines forming on my face. Deep breath, Ian. It will be alright… La Prairie’s Eye Complex uses caviar extracts to prevent lines from forming. The product is very lightweight and soaks in fast. It leaves skin around the eyes feeling awake, moisturized and helps with that whole aging thing…
Use morning and night.

Photography: Briana Louise

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  • Sithembile Eugenia

    We love the sun, but at the end of the summer… you really need to get rid of dead skin , exfoliating is the key for beautiful clear skin, it is good to see some man taking care of their skin… but my man don’t think that way!

  • Rosella E. LaFevre

    Personally, I’m obsessed with my own beauty products: Neutrogena beta and alpha pore refining toner (I especially love this when I’m too lazy to use a regular cleanser — I use this with cotton pads and SEE the dirt come off my face), and Cetaphil’s acne-prone moisturizer with SPF. But I’ve been wanting an eye cream for preventative purposes. I’m only 24, but I agree that it’s not too early to take those preventative measures.

  • Maddie Mahoney

    Skin care is so important, and these all look like great products! I get mine either from or recommended by my dermatologist. I also ensure that I use a hefty amount of moisturizer because it is never too soon to prevent aging.