Spruce Street

Now that it’s warm out I love visiting popup events like the Spruce Street Harbor Park. Briana and I went to check out the different beers, take some pictures and enjoy an evening in the cool breeze. There are all of these cool lights that change colors and I’ll definitely be going back to hang out and possibly shoot another look. I love how the summery colors complimented the water backdrop and blue wall at the harbor lookout point. These shorts were so comfortable with the drawstring waist. I definitely recommend checking out Katin’s short selection for summer! Do you have a favorite summer item?

Shirt: Tavik | Shorts: Katin | Shoes: Todd Snyder x PF Flyers | Bracelets: Cruciani

Photography: Briana Louise

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  • Nick Crosby

    Spruce Street Harbor Park looks like a really nice, feel good, relaxing location. Will definitely try to visit it when I’m in Philadelphia next. Your selection of summer casual wear from Tavik and Katin among accessories from others was a cherry on cake for this beautiful location. The look complemented real well with the place. I specially liked the shirt. Will see if I can get it delivered here. With the summer in full swing, it will be a nice addition to my summer and spring collection.

  • Terry

    Awesome photography! I love the view of Spruce Street and the way you took all the photos. I have to appreciate your dressing sense. The combination of shirt and shorts is really cool. I am thinking if you can give me details about the watch you wear, it really looks cool with my formals. Thanks.

  • Jay King

    Briana does it again! These photos look outstanding.

    Your style is so unique Ian. I really like your confidence too. I’ve always believed that fashion is one part clothes and one part confidence. It’s so necessary and you’ve got it!

  • http://strivingforfreedom.com/ Tate @ Striving For Freedom

    Well I really like that watch with the green face and light brown leather band. Awesome touch. The harbor park rocks

  • Britanica B.

    You have a great summer style, I must say! For me, my favorite thing to wear in the summer, and fall really, are light weight loose fitting varsity shirts. Not sure why but they make me feel comfy and cozy. I just can’t wear them if it is above 75 degrees or I bake! haha

  • https://kellysheldrick.wordpress.com Kelly Sheldrick

    Great style and some great photos! I love the watch and the shirt – wish my boyfriend wore clothes like that (maybe I should send him this blog). Thanks for sharing!

  • Janice

    I like the laid back casual/ slash pop art look this outfit had. The watch is super retro and really stands out. Looks like a great outfit to go walking on the beach with.