Spring Soirée at Jonathan Adler

Last week I hosted a Spring Soirée at Jonathan Adler to benefit the Ambassadors of The Wistar Institute (totally biased here, I’m one of the Ambassadors!). JA was so nice to let me into the Philadelphia store and style my favorite spring pieces for the evening. I love that $ statue above and ended up walking away with the Jacks Vase from the Grenade Collection. By far my favorite piece! Proceeds from the evening went to The Wistar Institute, the nation’s first independent biomedical research institute located in University City, Philadelphia.

Shirt: Twillory | Jacket: Kenneth Cole | Pants: Ben Sherman
Tie: Jonathan Adler | Shoes: J.D. Fisk | Socks: Jonathan Adler

Photography: Chris Fascenelli

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  • Joe

    Cool statue. I like Jonathan’s Muse collection!

  • http://www.mressentialist.com MR ESSENTIALIST

    His pieces are consistently cool.


    • IanMCrumm

      They really are!

  • A Story Tweeter

    I hope the benefit was successful! The Wistar Institute does important work to contribute to scientific advancement.

  • Jennifer

    Really great photos here. I hope the benefit was a success.

  • Nick Crosby

    Been in one of his stores once and shopped a lot. Jonathan Adler is the absolute boss in the world of designing. By the way, I’m so very jelly right now seeing you holding that gold dollar statue. Don’t know if it was there when I visited the place. I really want it. :(
    On a serious note, it feels good to know the reason you hosted the Spring Soirée. I’m sure the whole thing went well and you got good enough funds to help The Wistar Institute somewhat in their R&D work. Great job done, Ian.

  • Jason

    Amazing poses I must say! I love the design of tie, it suits you with black blazer. The post that you put right side on your blog is from this album I guess, is awesome. You nailed it!

  • epicallyfunn

    Looks like a great designed room and fantastic photos!

  • Britanica B.

    Everything about these pictures from the pops of colors to your outfit are outstanding! You are a great model and it really shows in these pictures. I hope your fashion career really takes off for you. You belong in magazines.

  • Sheikhy

    Really awesome photos, I like all the colors, it all just looks so great together!

    Awesome pics!