The Fast Shave

Even in a morning rush it’s important take a few seconds to freshen up before greeting the public. One of my morning musts is using an electric shaver to clean up facial hair before dabbing on moisturizer.

The Hyperflex Rotary Shaver by Remington is great for dry OR wet shaving, but since I’m in a morning pinch let’s stick to using it for a dry shave.

The Hyperlex technology allows the entire head to adjust to any angle on the face to help reduce irritation. Wooh – thank goodness! I’ve had problems before with razor burn and bumps when trying other dry shaving techniques and shavers.

After touching up my stubble, I add a little Kiehl’s Facial Fuel moisturizer. This moisturizer is an energizer; it literally tingles my face and makes me feel more awake!

VOILA! The Hyperflex Rotary Shaver by Remington is great for mornings when you’re running late. Use it outside the shower for a fast dry shave or use it in the shower with a gel or foam for ultimate comfort. What’s your morning must? Face moisturizer? Lip balm? Hopefully you have time to feel refreshed even in a pinch!

Photography: Briana Louise

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  • Janiera Eldridge

    Wow, this seems like a really great electric shaver! My boyfriend often has to shave on the go and this is a great opportunity for him to finally do it without risking razor burn or even cutting himself. He could even keep it in his car so he could shave in the parking lot, The facial fuel is something I’ll be buying for him too to make it a better shaving experience as well.

  • Damien G.

    In terms of getting up late and not having a lot of time, most of the time I am just going to skip the shave and just hit it up later in the day or the next morning.

  • Den Harper

    I am also running out of time in the morning, so I used to shave while driving(I know it’s dangerous but now I master it!). You can not get the perfection but can save few minutes for sure :)

    I love that Hyperflex Rotary Shaver because I am doing dry shave.

  • Britanica B.

    I have never heard of Kiehl’s Facial Fuel. I am going to have to recommend this to my fiance. He likes to keep hair on his face but sometimes it gets a bit drying. Looks good! I would imagine it can be a bit of a pain having to shave your face all the time.

  • Sheikhy

    Nice shaving man haha, Great photos!

    I need to shave soon too.