When will this snow ever end? As I sit here writing this post I’m in Buffalo visiting my friend Mollie and it’s SNOWING LIKE CRAZY. Okay, okay – I know I’m in Buffalo, but it is technically spring now and I want warm weather! Not asking for 70 degrees at this point, but weather suitable for this lightweight Han Kjobenhavn trench. I kept this look warm with the Ortiz Industry windbreaker (which I love for the metallic sheen). I was feeling adventurous (like normal ;D) during my shoot with Tim and decided to add silver sunglasses from Beijing and insert pennies into my loafers. He said I look like a futuristic Dr. Who. What do you think? Does this look channel the British Who?

Trench: HAN | Jacket: Ortiz Industry | Pants: Zara | Shoes: G.H. Bass | Sunnies: from Beijing

Photography: Timothy Stevens

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  • Francie Eschenower

    Time to go where the weather suits your clothes, Ian! Remember, the sun is shining somewhere in the world.

    Still, I love the way the soft pinkish blue of the pastel sunset highlights the subtle colors of your Han Kjobenhavn trench and the silvery shades. The glistening pennies and rusty staircase really heat up that metallic shirt, too.

    So who can cry about the cold when you’re looking so hot?


  • Tyler Gonzalez

    Cool shades, this summer is all about round sunglasses for me too. As for the weather, I decided not to stress about it, last year we had a super weird summer, it was more like a late spring. Guess I have to move to Dubai haha.

    • IanMCrumm

      Dubai sounds nice! :)

  • http://janieraeldridge.blogspot.com/ Janiera Eldridge

    The outfit is definitely a modern Dr. Who look. I really love the round shades. It screams spring and bring a hotness to the look even when its cold. Who puts a penny in their penny loafer anymore? That’s a sooth touch too. I suggest with your next look use some slightly lighter colors to really say hello spring!

  • Damien G.

    I have noticed that round glasses and sunglasses are becoming quite popular. Thanks for sharing these photos with us, they really show your look for style!

  • Christine Hendricks

    I think you look like Dr. Who, that’s what I think LOL. Great style as always!

  • epicallyfunn

    The glasses look really cool in my opinion, overall another great outfit and more amazing photos!

  • Britanica B.

    The shades are nice, but I am not sure how I feel about the top. Maybe I would like this outfit more if it wasn’t reflective. You still somehow pull it off. You need to have a place to recommend suits and clothing for me, teach them how to dress! haha