Tea at Four Seasons Beijing


Last month I had the pleasure of enjoying afternoon tea at the Four Seasons Beijing. In the center of the hotel there is a gorgeous Butterfly Wall and beneath it sits the Tea Garden. Guests can enjoy tea while waiting for spa treatments, dinner reservations or even browsing JUMA’s retail shop. JUMA is a brand that turns cultural drawings and photographs into playful and distorted prints. The brand has scarves, socks, painted leather bags, women’s clothing and, most recently, a menswear line. In honor of the new menswear line I’m wearing a blue suit paired with printed socks and a painted leather folio bag all by JUMA. The fabric is really soft! I’m excited to share another look from our collaboration in the coming weeks as well as a project with Lifestyle China. If you’re going to be in Beijing, stop in to see the JUMA store at the Four Seasons Beijing or browse/shop on the company’s eCommerce site.

Shirt: Marcella Custom | Sunglasses: Carrera | Belt: Muston & Co | Shoes: Paul Drish

Suit, socks and bag: JUMA

Photography: George Evan

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  • Geanie Marie

    Very classy suit. It’s fun to be one of the first to wear a new line You have to admit though that you look a little forbidding in some of the pictures – like someone I wouldn’t want to have mad at me. This is a great photo shoot location, fun theme too. I’ve been perusing your blog, and am getting some great fashion ideas for the man in my life.

  • Ann Abbitz

    I may be way off base here, but the first thing that came to my mind when I saw you in this suit was “Wolf of Wall Street”. Either way, this is definitely a classy suit. Aside from the clothing, though, my eye was drawn almost immediately to the portfolio/bag. What a very interesting accessory. Another home run for you, my friend!

    • Christine Hendricks

      Agreed. Great comments Ann.

  • Jackson Young

    Man, you are truly something else! Every single one of your post looks like a mag shot, George does a wonderful job too. Keep it up!

  • http://30plusgamer.com craigbic

    China is such an exciting and exotic destination and your ensemble has the right mixture of suave and sophisticated to do it justice. The printed socks and folio from Juma along with the pattern of the suite give you a retro, Mad Men look! Awesome!

  • Christine Hendricks

    i LOVE the shoes and socks. The more photos I look at the more I realize that I am into the shoes you are wearing. It is the first place my eyes go, is that weird or what? LOL.