Tretorn Dip-n-Dye with Ps & Qs

Scroll on to see the story of the canvas Nylites…

Virgin Nylites

Ready to get in

Adding a little salt

Spraying the Nylites

Dyeing the water GREEEEEEEEEEEN

Bath time!



Dyed and ready for sole tinting

Tinting the soles


This Saturday (7.19) I’m heading over to Ps & Qs for the Dip-n-Dye event with Swedish brand Tretorn. They sent over a pair of virgin Nylites so I could get in on the action early. Since (you may already know) my favorite color is green, I decided to go with a green ombre finish. The terracotta dye worked well to slightly tint the soles with a rusty brown hue. Very subtle. If you’re near Philly on Saturday the event is from 4-8pm. My Nylites will be on display for dyeing inspiration along with dip-n-dye projects from some cool kids (Like Sabir’s). #PsQsNylite

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