Your Move.

Obviously I’m talking about your move to decide what your newest dress shirt will look like! Thanks to Marcella Custom — I made all the moves. From selecting the fabric to choosing French cuffs to the buttons and even the collar shape, this shirt is all ME. I mentioned the company back in my holiday gift guide and am sharing the full editorial now. To go along with my “Your Move” when you go custom theme, I paired this look with chess piece cufflinks and some new boots. How would you design your new dress shirt?

Shirt: Marcella Custom | Pants: Timberland | Jacket: Kenneth Cole

Shoes: Timberland | Tie, cufflinks, tie bar: | Watch: CT Scuderia | Sunnies: Gotti

Photography: Kris Mae

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Tea Ceremony at Dr. Tea

Ahhh after a stimulating time at the Great Wall, George, Mollie and I went to Dr. Tea in Chinatown, Beijing for a tea ceremony. China likes to promote tea culture to foreigners and pays for the tea house to operate, which meant free tea for us! Our awesome tea expert took us through some of the teas they sell at Dr. Tea. We tasted jasmine tea, which is great for mornings or early afternoons. Olong tea is the most common tea in China – I bought some to bring home to my mom – and it was delicious! It leaves a slight earthy aftertaste. Yum. We also enjoyed a sweet tea made entirely of dried fruits and a few others.

To ensure purified and steeped to perfection, little “pee pee boys” pee when water is hot enough to make tea safely. The little figurines are cute… I’ll let you google that one.

Suit: Krammer & Stoudt | Sweater: DKNY | Scarf: American Trench | Sunglasses: Prada

Watch: Seiko Astron GPS Solar

Photography: George Evan

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The Great Wall

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