Trackway with Tahaanga

Tahaanga (pronounced: tuh-hung-ga) sent over this shirt to test out in honor of their Kickstarter (going on now – check it out!) so I decided to hop a bike to put it to the test. The concept? A shirt that feels and acts like you’re NAKED. Yup, that’s right. Withstand the city lifestyle with the moisture-wicking/wrinkle-resistant style. I rode around a bit (captured these photos obviously) then continued on with my day. Thankfully I didn’t smell after all the balancing – that bike was tall! I borrowed my friend George’s bike since mine was stolen :( I guess I’ll need to look for a new bike. Anyway back to the shirt. What do you think of the color? Let me know in the comments! I don’t wear pink that often and really enjoyed wearing this hue because it’s a bit lighter than other pink dress shirts on the market.

I accessorized the shirt, jeans and blazer look with brown Pair of Kings monk straps, dark wood Woodzee sunglasses, a black hat and a snakeskin belt that my uncle gave me. My usual readers must know I’m big on accessories, but in case you’re visitng my site for the first time… I love to mix up my looks with statement accessories.

Swing on over to check out Tahaanga’s Kickstarter and be one of the first to get the shirt ;)

Photography: Kris Mae

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Last week I had the opportunity to speak with renowned photographer, David Bergman. Bergman spent years traveling with Jon Bon Jovi during tours, personal outings and even during a knee surgery. You’re probably thinking, “Really? Photographer who captured knee surgery. What does this have to do with” Well when I heard about Bergman’s new book, “Bon Jovi Work” I got to thinking… How does fashion industry influence the photography industry? What about the music industry? Thankfully I had a few moments to chat with Bergman about his new book and hear his thoughts!

What are some of your favorite memories from working with Bon Jovi?

Jon Bon Jovi and the whole band gave me such unlimited access – unprecedented access –  I can’t think of any band at this level that has brought in a photographer – into the inner circle – like he has. Literally everyday was so incredible because we would leave the show, have a police escort to the airport, get right on a private plane and fly to another country. It was like an everyday, day-in and day-out operation. There are so many amazing memories from the tours. [Bon Jovi] injured his knee during a show and I documented that as well as his recovery and rehab. I was actually in the operating room wearing scrubs taking pictures. We went on a safari in South Africa. We did so many amazing things it’s hard to pick one favorite.

When you’re always on the road, what’s your packing situation like? What’s in your suitcase?

The hardest part was when we were traveling through different weather climates on one leg. So we had a time when we were in Japan and Australia – above the equator AND below the equator – the weather changed dramatically when we made that trip. There were some trips that I had to bring for winter and for summer in one bag. I try to keep it light because we don’t have a lot of time to move bags around – I have all my camera gear  so I’ve got a couple extra bags that most of the crew doesn’t have to bring with them. Ya know, it’s a little tricky, but I find ways to pack light and then there’s always washing clothes on the road.

Do you get inquiries from beginner photographers asking for advice? What’s your number one tip for someone starting out in the industry?

I got into the photography business 25 years ago so it’s a lot different than it was back then, but at the end of the day it’s still about two things. Great images and personality. This job – working with a band like Bon Jovi – lots of people could do this job there are tons of great photographers out there, but part of what I do is knowing when to be in the room and when not to be in the room. Just because I have that access and I can go into Bon Jovi’s dressing room at any time doesn’t mean I’m going to do that. It’s about being tactful and being professional. I’ve been on the road when he’s in very high level meetings with VIPs and I’m the fly on the wall. He’s used to me by now. That’s really the key – earning that trust over a period of time. With all of my clients I try to do have that level of access and trust.

Who are some other clients you’ve worked with?

The other really big client in the last ten years or so has been Sports Illustrated. I’ve covered 5 Olympics and 11 Super Bowls and many World Series. I’ve had 13 Sports Illustrated covers and one of them was from the Super Bowl when the Saints won Drew Brees is holding his kit up in the air and confetti is coming down all over him.

Any major collaborations you can share?

One of the other pictures I’m known for is from Obama’s inauguration in 2009. I did a picture called the Gigapan and it’s a super wide panoramic shot. It’s very high resolution. I took hundreds of overlapping photos using the gigapan systems to create a giant panoramic of the entire crowd of 2 million people. It’s so high-res that you can zoom-in and see all the faces in the crowd. That picture got 20 million views, I got to meet the president a few years later and he knew the photo. I’ve since gone on to do that type of picture for other clients. I just finished an entire month doing gigapans of the World Series so the crowd can zoom in and tag themselves on Facebook.


Industry aside it’s always awesome to see and hear about someone’s success because he’s determined as well as talented. The book title embodies what any successful person must do to be great – WORK. Speaking with Bergman and viewing his photos was an inspiration; it’s cool to see how someone grows to inspire others. The crowd at his book signing was enthralled to hear the behind-the-scenes stories from touring with Bon Jovi.

So tell me – if you were David Bergman what picture would you want to capture of Bon Jovi?!

Don’t forget to snag Bergman’s book riggggght now!

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