Playing with Red Bags

 As I proclaimed in email that went public, I wore fur to the fashion truck popup with C21. Viktor & Rolf fur that is (or at least for these photos ;).

Playing with red bags

Special <3 21 cufflinks for the event ;D

#C21Philly opens to the public October 28th!

Trying to squeeze Leah’s big feet into those Celine booties. You know what they say, “Big feet, BIG BRAINS!” Leah is one of the wittiest and most genuine people I know. Love her!

Wish you snagged a C21 mystery gift? Enter the widget below and you may win a mystery red gift bag ;) One of them has a $1,000 gift card in it…

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Photography: Christopher Fascenelli

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Jumping for Joy | Century 21

C21 on Make A Gif

And that’s what I like to call JUMPING FOR JOY. Did you catch Century 21 Department Store is expanding? The company is opening up a couple more locations including one in Philadelphia. To celebrate both the opening of C21, AND coincidentally my birthday, we’re setting up shop in a big “fashion truck” THIS WEDNESDAY. That’s right – this is a calling card (um, calling blog post?) for anyone in the Philadelphia area to head over to 1701 JFK Blvd from 10am – 2pm for fashion swag, entertainment by yours truly  and undeniable great looks and laughs from my lovely co-host Leah Kauffman.  Get ready for red bags and gift cards ;D You’ll have to show up to see the sweet decked out fashion truck but in the meantime RSVP here.

Century21 on Make A Gif

Oh yeah back to MY BIRTHDAY. It’s on Thursday and I’m going to be 22. How perfect that C21 is throwing this fashion bash in honor of 21 amazing (almost 22 amazing) style filled years. Thanks, C21!

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