Kempt | Cologne

Every man (and woman) needs a great scent. The summer was filled with citrus smells via Lacoste Essential. In honor of National Fragrance Day, Philadelphia Style asked me what scent I’d be wearing for spring/summer. Lacosta Essential is great because it Time Release Technology to keep you smelling fresh even while being active (aka sweating). But since we’re approaching fall it’s time to switch up my scents. Prada’s Pour Homme is amazing. I used it for my fall scent before and cannot wait to start wearing it again. The sensual amber base is surrounded by woodsy and earthy tones. A light yet strong scent as we transition into fall.

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Gray Geese

Because who doesn’t get a little obsessed with a style every now and then? Green (my favorite color) is quite an apparent hue in this look. This is the second outfit I put together with my new Mack Weldon shirt, which I love. It’s a super soft cotton blend t-shirt – technically it’s an undershirt, but I felt like styling it for the streets (or in this case grass field). Here I’m also wearing Mack Weldon no show socks. You can kind of see them peaking out on my arched left foot in the last photo. Again, very soft/comfy. Happy one year of shooting together, Chris!

Photography: Christopher Fascenelli

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